Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Urban Arts Festival Tamworth, UK... Aftermath.

Urban Arts Festival Tamworth, UK
21st July 2012

Following recommendations from some of Sheffields' finest, we boarded a train that was Tamworth bound for the second Urban Arts Festival featuring the Aerosol Planet Graffiti Jam, with writers and painters coming from all over, djs and street dance from NRG and PMYC and Street Dynamix free runners.

By the time we got there a few of the pieces were finished but many were still in progress, which was good because we do love to watch these guys and girl in action.

A general theme of Myths and Monsters made for some fascinating character works, the standard of the skills throughout were jaw dropping. Some of our favourites were Riot 68 and Mono, Bonzai, Kem Mef Title and Hush, Glimmertwin32, Si2 Hull Graffit and Duse WSK (Sheffield Oi!) and several others whose names I haven't found out - yet.

It was after 6 when we left for our train home, a few pieces were still having the finishing touches applied. The air was aromatic, the atmosphere was chilled. The day had been excellent, stunning pieces and productions, bangin music - the free runners never missed a beat, which made me very happy as I'm old enough to know how much it would hurt if they did! And the little young street dancers were well cute.

Bring on N.U.E. 2013, we'll be there!

Fiona Milne

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