Friday, 31 August 2012

Hang Outs... Victoria, Australia

Bambi This Weekend

31st August 2012

 Like Banksy, a number of Bambi fakes have begun to appear on the market. Metro is proud to be listed as a registered Bambi exhibitor. While Bambi's identity is unknown, the artist did tell a local newspaper, "I like to entertain and amuse people with my art. I know what I do is illegal. It's criminal damage, I can get very nervous when I'm out working, often in the early hours. The trouble is I have never been able to resist a blank wall." One of Bambi's more recent stencils featured a young Queen Elizabeth II on the throne, with the tagline 'Diamonds are a girls best friend'.

Bambi's works will be on display at Metro Gallery this weekend, we look forward to seeing you!

More info... HERE

1214 High Street,
Victoria 3143

Flesh Cut Fridays with Luci Westphal

Such a fun way to see Berlin: being driven around in an APE Calessino with two beautiful expats. A wonderful flashback to riding in a tuk tuk through Bangkok.

Last week expat travel blogger Cheryl Howard (@cherrysberries) invited me and expat twitter queen and Berlin blogger Sandy Hathaway (@SandyInBerlin) to go on a tour with Lino City Tours through Berlin.

We went through Mitte, Kreuzberg and Neukoelln. Seeing all kinds of traditional sights: e.g., Reichstag, Brandenburg Gate, TV Tower, Potsdamer Platz, Oranienstrasse, etc.) - and witness lots of Berlin characters: boom box music video shoot chick, window washer, juggler... and our expat friend and 6Wunderkinder wizard Mark Bate (@markbate). 


Keepin Up With... Phlegm

Sweets from Slovakia
 Phlegm hit Kosice, Slovakia at the Street Art Communication Festival just recently... ahhwww his work is so good, keep um coming dude!

thanks to phlegm art for the pics and info

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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Don't Forget...

Sunday 2-4th of September 2012

With the industry firmly behind it, The Ledge just continues to grow & develop. It offers an essential London platform for complimentary brands from both the actions sports & street wear sectors to come together in single, convenient venue.
At it's launch in  September 2011 the show was all about action sports - September 2012 sees a pivotal introduction of the new & anticipated Streetwear area. This has been created to enable street wear brands to thrive within their own unique environment, whilst still benefiting from a retail crossover with the more action sports brands.

As well as an exiting array of brands exhibiting, September 2012 also welcomes an expansion of the Osiris mini ramp competition with riders fighting for the winners purse of £5,000


Name        Sponsor

Harley Miller    Milk/Etnies
James Fuller    Milk
Nick Remon    Vans
Ross McGouran    Vans
Kris Vile    Vans
Andy Scott    Vans
Daryl Dominguez    Vans
Daryl Nobbs    Vans
Nev    Vans
Marc Churchill    Vans
Salar Kooshki    Vans
Denis Lynn    Vans
Nick Roberts    Vans
Barney Page    Enjoi, Etnies
Josh Young    Almost, Vans
Kyron Davies    Clich'eEmerica
Sam Beckett    Blind Vans
Arbel Samsonov    Witchcraft
Mikey Joyce    Witchcraft
Max Roton    Witchcraft
Will Golding    Adio Unibomber
Alex Halford    Adio Unibomber
Guilaume Mocqaume    Element
Mike Wright    Steak Skateboards
Rowan Murry    Steak Skateboards
Adam Collingburn    Steak Skateboards
Stu Graham    Creature
Carl Potter    Creature
Chris Price    Unabomber
Jon Bell    Unabomber
Kelley Dorson    Unabomber
Reese Johnson    Heathen
Martyn Hill    Heathen
Matt Ranson    Love N Skate
Chris Oliver    Vans, Superdead
Eddie Belvedere    Superdead
Harry Lintel     Superdead
Ben Rowels     Superdead
Pete Adams    Osiris
Dave Wallace    Osiris
Arturas    Osiris
Filipe Dal Sin    Parlour
Bryce Campbell    Parlour
Josh Arnott    Toy Machine
Ben Broyd    Skateboard Religion
Nicky Howelles    DC Shoes
Sam Pulley    DC Shoes
Keith Gear    Third Foot
Tom Carr    Third Foot
Craig Coombes    Zukie/Supra
Ben Grove    Zukie Vans
Rob Smith    Death Skateboards
Sam Murtgatroyd    Death Skateboards
Alex Lally    Death Skateboards
George Poole    Collapse Skateboards
Mike Simmons    DC Shoes
James Thretfall    Hub Marley Sutsu

For more info go... HERE

Hang Outs... Nottingham, UK

Paul's Art and Piano 
One for the Diary

click it to big it

10th November 2012

Friend Paul J, is hosting an Art Show and Piano Concert all in the same day. 

He first caught our eye in one of the local art shop, his depiction of animals in front of bombed walls was the thing that drew use to his work. He also plays some mean tunes on the  piano, a truly talented guy... we will be going to this event, hope to see you there

For more go... HERE

Flesh Cuts

Three for View

ATMOS and ADR1: Heroes City
Edit by: ATMOS


Flip Tour "The weight of the World"
Edit by: Ewan Bowman

RDC: What!! A well ace edit... 9 minutes of sights and sounds,  check it if ya have time

Upfest 2012
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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Hang Outs... Mermaid Beach, Australia

Four Solo Shows    

Abigael Whittaker is a young and emerging Brisbane based artists whose works are rich in colour, decadence and heart. Hilton Owen’s unique and individual style sets him apart from any of his peers and into a class of his own. With his first successful solo show under his belt at age 17, Hilton has come a long way and is ready to show another round of his punchy abstract works. Cristina Troufa is a Portugal based artist whose work pushes the boundaries of perception and perspective and aims to challenge viewer’s interpretation. Masha Vereshchenko’s art is deep, emotional and reflective of what is going on in her life at the moment. The Russian born-Pittsburgh based artist is heavily inspired by Russian iconography and fairytales told by her father. Be sure not to miss this incredibly diverse and exciting display of contemporary art at its best!

QLD 4218

Street Shots... Sheffield, UK

Urbexing with Fiona Milne

Spent a pleasant evening watching CoLor Art create this piece. If we'd got in the place we were supposed to be going, we'd have been stuck there overnight, because apparently that place gets locked up!

Spiderman piece by Trik9

Cracking Boms piece for a new Urban Art Space at the Nichols Building. (Link at bottom of post)

Mila K, producer of mental but beautiful works, makes my brain ache again. Devnonshire Green Skate Park.

This is what happens when you have a bet with your mate and your mate is a graffiti artist.

This would have been one of my favourite pieces of the year,but sadly was gone over within 24 hours of it being completed and I never got a shot of it.

Knuckles by Trik9, super talented artist and really good guy, heavily involved in bringing urban arts and culture to young people. (Link at bottom of post, for more)

Collaboration between Mis Red Art and RiseOne

Toupe, more usually seen in the northeast, recently paid a visit to Sheffield.

Work in progress, with Jaya and Kory

Nichols Building... HERE
Trik9 - Break Out Kids... HERE

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Flesh Cuts

Professor Green
The Making Of Relentless Energy Drink Commercial
Edit by: Relentless Energy Drinks

Put together by the crew behind the epic Lives of the Artists films and featuring Relentless Energy Drink brand ambassador Professor Green, we bring you the making of our first ever TV advert.

Hang Outs... New York

 Bold Hype Gallery

The opening reception is Thursday September 13th, 6pm - 9pm.

Greetings Art Lovers!

 With September almost upon us, we are getting back in the swing of things and gearing up for our next show, "Bless Your Heart" - new works by Bethany Marchman.


Using traditional oils to create parallels between innocence and influence/ history and popular culture,
Bethany Marchman's paintings are sometimes funny and sometimes sad. They are reflections of the awkward changes we experience as individuals and as a society, while questioning whether or not growth is synonymous with improvement. 

BOLD HYPE GALLERY | 547 W. 27th St. 5th Floor  New York, NY 10001

Monday, 27 August 2012

Studio Visits

Nick Hersey
Part 1

As you know RDC love to explore artist's studios. It gives us more of an insight into the artist's use of media, work inspirations and in some cases (the studio) can limit the size of their work. 

This time we hook up with Nick to check out his space and admire his illustrations and sculptures.

See Part 2... HERE

More on Nick Hersey... HERE

Studio Visits

Nick Hersey
Part 2

This time we hook up with Nick to check out his space and admire his illustrations and sculptures.

See Part 1... HERE
More on Nick Hersey... HERE