Saturday, 4 August 2012

Factory Fresh

Checkin It Out!

Some of the RDC Crew looked in on a Georgian factory last week.
With an interesting way of entering (pulling ourselves up a fire hose and then swinging sideways through a half open window) we ended up on a staircase which lead to numerous floors.

Almost untouched by the junkies and needle debris that we have come across so much just recently, it was a delight to wander through such an elegant building. We thought it was unnecessary to do some spraying inside just because it was so original (although there was some graffs outside by Angry Face/Vomit). We also met some friendly and talkative young pigeons and some rats that wanted a cuddle.

Come inside and have a look...

3 above by Angry Face/Vomit.

Not exactly spaghetti junction.

Hersoid caught in the act.

What a Dump... ha ha, we had to get that in!

 This chatty pigeon insisted we pay for this snap.

Bird poo, no anal retention is evident here!

Architecture is a visual art, and the buildings speak for themselves.
Julia Morgan

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