Friday, 30 August 2013

Flesh Cuts

Three For View

94 Bricks
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Adidas Skateboard, Euro Line with Dennis Busenitz
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Crazy Apes in Rochester, NY
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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Street Shots... Melboure, Australia

Utility Boxes 
Pics by Dean Sunshine

Lucy Lucy has been up to her old tricks again... Sweeet Shades.

More Pics from Dean... HERE

Hang Outs... West Hollywood, CA

Neck Face
No Mercy For The Weak

Opening Reception
Saturday, September 7th, 2013
7:00 -10:00PM
Exhibition Dates: September 7th- 21st

New Image Art is pleased to announce, "No Mercy For The Weak" an art show and print release by Neck Face. Neck Face's latest 2 print set developed from his extensive study and research of bar room practices. Also featured in the show will be an altar to the Night Stalker (Richard Ramirez) who recently died in prison. The Night Stalker is one of Neck Face's favorite inspirations.
In much of the same tradition of creating art from bar room drama by such great writers as Charles
Bukowski, Ernest Hemingway, and Jack London and such great artists as Vincent Van Gough (Night Café in the Place Lamatine in Arles), Ed Kienholz (Barney's Beanery) and Toulouse Lautrec (Moulin Rouge), Neck Face also used his bar room observations to create his latest prints. The prints are portraits of demons in the depth of their darkness yet Neck Face manages to make the images hysterical and not so serious after all. By the way Neck Face says," Don't Drink and Drive."

Neck Face exhibited alongside those considered most influential in American street culture in MOCA's Art in the Streets exhibition. The event reintroduced the performer in Neck Face, whose portrayal of a down and out alley dweller brought him the first mention in the New York Times review of the graffiti and street art retrospective. His Halloween show openings have become notable charades celebrating the lurid and the ghastly complete with a haunted house entrance staged along with his family.

Neck Face's aptitude for multi-media has also been seen in the production of metal masks, paper-mache sculptures and film. For this unique character and international figure of street culture, the true triumph lies in the pure harmony between his examination of the villain, the rogue and the nightmare and his unfaltering wit and fresh approach. Neck Face's unmistakable illustrative style is maintained in the expansion of his medium to silk screened prints.

7920 Santa Monica Blvd.
West Hollywood, 
CA 90046

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Tattoo Studio Commission

Phat Tatt

Passin and Pain... Eye Candy for your skin☋
Dan, one of the RDC Crew from Dorset, UK was commissioned to do a skull hit. A Trendy Tatt Studio in Leamington Spa got in touch and this is the outcome... plush!

More bout P and P... HERE

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Flesh Cuts

Three For View

Rosy One
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A Place in the Sun
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The Sound of Stencilling
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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Don't Forget, We Paint Walls...

Hire Us to Do Some Hits for You

All sorts of places are perfect for street art like Pubs, Clubs, Coffee Houses, Bedrooms, Games Rooms, Patio Areas or Bath Rooms (yes, Bath Rooms) - heck anywhere there is a wall!
It adds a splash of colour and lifts an otherwise dull and sometimes uninviting area.
So... if this stimulates your interest in having an uplifting illustration on a lonely wall, please get in touch with our consultants.
Here's how, go... HERE

Hang Outs... Washington, DC

 G40 Exhibit

G40 Exhibit Schedule:
Exhibit runs: Sept 13th - October 6th,  2013

Art Whino returns in 2013 for the fourth edition of the G40 Art Summit. This year Art Whino will be teaming up with Suite Nation to present a month-long, multi- experiential Art Summit with musical performances throughout the month.  This year’s theme is the “Art of transformation” and the exploration of reclaimed spaces and objects.  The location of this year’s Summit will be an all surrounding art experience with every inch of the space covered with awe inspiring works of art.  The building itself has a rich background. Completed by James A. Boyce over a 12-year period in 1875, it exemplifies an eclectic mix of Victorian and Romanesque architectural styles combined with Gothic Revival and Queen Anne elements.  The building has remained vacant for two decades and is now coming back to life inside and out, following its external and internal revival this past fall and spring.
Art Whino commissioned Atlanta based artist HENSE to complete a full building mural wrap resulting in the building’s current lively, colorful and graphic appearance. Following this intervention, Art Whino teamed up with Australian mural artist, MEGGS, to create a mural that covers what will be the performance space on the second floor of the building; the mural covers the entire room from floor to ceiling with bursts of primary color and stylized imagery in bold black outlines.  Just like in past years, the G40 will be a massive exhibit featuring over 300 artists and 500 works from around the globe.  The exhibition will feature canvas work from artists, installation walls, installation rooms and full size 10’ murals. The sheer size of the exhibit will require multiple visits to take in the full experience. Events throughout the month will allow visitors to return to the space and continue their exhibition experience, including various opportunities to meet featured artists and attend a wide variety of programming, from musical performances to social events.

Event Location:
700 Delaware Ave.,
SW, Washington, DC 20001
Located less than one mile from the US Capitol, within 4 blocks of 2 Metro Stations

Monday, 19 August 2013

Off The Wall

Gettin to Know...

RDC: With a recognisably smooth, easy flowing style (that we really like), we thought we'd better get in touch with Nineta and find out more about her wicked manga technique...
She talks to us about about her work, shows us her cool spray on various surfaces and gets to grips with a massive spool... Gnarly!

RDC: Hey Nineta, how's it going, can you tell us where you are from and where you live now?

I am from Barcelona, Spain. I lived 7 years in the US and the last two years I lived in Berlin, Germany. A few weeks ago I moved back to Boston, MA.

RDC: Tell us what sort of media you use please and what others you have tried?

I've been doing street art for a while... first I always did stickers, paste ups and little murals. Once I got to Berlin, I started spray painting and using rollers for bigger pieces.
I also like to paint recycled objects, like mannequins, bowling pins, wood wire reel, giant puzzles, etc... I usually paint them with ink,acrylic paint or spray paint.

RDC: Why Nineta… what does it mean?

Nineta is my alterego, it means little doll in Catalan. It shows the naughty, shyness and playful curiosity of a girl.

Just spooling around...

RDC: Are you self taught? 

When it comes to the way I paint and do my artwork, yes, even though I did study graphic design and that helped me in many ways.

RDC: Do you tend to hit graff spots at nigh or during the day and what brand of spray are you into at present?

Most of the time I go paint during the day. I like to spray with Montana 94.

RDC: Can you tell us where the inspiration for your fairly like figures came from and how Barcelona treats graffiti artist compared to Boston, USA?

My figures are inspired by the woman nude and the different postures that a women can adopt. Manga is also a big inspiration for me and all the street artist that are out there. I also like to make the body interact with objects, animals, monsters or other bodies.

Barcelona had a great time for graffiti around 2001-2006 but after that it has been getting very strict and less tolerant. Boston is not a very friendly city when it comes to graffiti. It is too classic, even though lately the Institute of Contemporary Art -ICA has been showing many street artists and graffiti artists work. I think right now a great place to be if you want to learn and get inspired is Berlin.

RDC: We understand that you dress and express yourself loudly, can you explain?

Not really, I express myself loudly when I paint, but in my real life I am a pretty quiet and an introverted person.

RDC: If you could rewind something in your life, what would it be?

 Live for a few more months, again in Berlin.

RDC: What shows or new work have you got coming up?

I just finished last week a mural and a few mannequin heads for a show called 'Street Diamonds 2', which is showing in Fourth Wall Project Gallery in Boston for the next coming weeks. I am working on some other pieces that will be showing in Washington DC and New York City. 

RDC: Thanks for the coffee and the chat Nineta, keep up the ace work

More from Nineta... HERE

Hang Outs... LA

The Legend of COOL "DISCO" DAN

Thursday, August 22
MOCA Grand Avenue, Ahmanson Auditorium
Doors at 7pm, Film at 7:30pm

MOCAtv Presents The Legend of COOL "DISCO" DAN, a feature documentary narrated by D.C. native Henry Rollins that tells the story of Washington, D.C. in the 1980s through the eyes of D.C. graffiti legend, COOL "DISCO" DAN. Blending exclusive interviews with dozens of local and national celebrities along with archival footage, Washington natives offer the most comprehensive portrait to date on this critical decade. The development of Go-Go, D.C.'s distinctive style of urban music, racial tensions, crews, sensationalist media, crack, and graffiti are important pieces of this story. Graffiti historian Roger Gastman and filmmaker Joseph Pattisall spent over ten years researching and documenting the unknown stories of COOL "DISCO" DAN's D.C. for the project.


Grand Avenue,
Ahmanson Auditorium

Friday, 16 August 2013

Street Shots... Ireland


ADW, Mary's Abby, Dublin

We had the pleasure of reviewing an Irish Graffiti Book just recently called 'Inside Out'.
It featured a lot of great work from mainly local Dublin artists. Lauren, one of the authors of the book and owner of the publishers Visual Feast Productions, was kind enough to send us over some recent shots from the streets of the Emerald Isle.

Check um...
 ADW- Mary's Abby, Dublin

Unknown Artist-Dundalk, Co, Louth

Case(Germany) -Sandford,  Dublin

 DMC-Cabra Park, Dublin

 DMC-Dury Street, Dublin

 James Early-Mary's Abbey, Dublin

JMK-South Richmond Street, Dublin

 LeBas-Great Strand Street, Dublin

Maser-Kevin Street, Dublin

See the must see book on the Irish Scene, 'Inside Out'... HERE

Hang Outs... Hollywood

24th August to 10th September 2013

Toy Art Gallery is proud to present Music to My Ears, a celebration of art and toys in honor of Super Cooper’s birthday!  "Music to My Ears" is 14-year-old artist and curator Cooper Berella’s 5th art show. Cooper asked over 70 artists from around the world to consider music and how it affects their lives and their art.

"As an artist and curator myself, I love music because it helps me power my creative circle. In other words, it helps me think of ideas and controls my art. Music can soothe me through trance, or pump me up with dubstep. This can cause effect on my characters and ideas by giving me expression. The expression leads to many ideas that transfer into my art. I hope that this show, "Music to My Ears," will take you through that same journey and through a trip of music wonderland."

Toy Art Gallery
7571 Melrose Ave.
(corner of Melrose and Curson)
CA 90046

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Street Shots...

Good Morning All

A mornin hit saw us outside and throwin some black and white paint around...

It was somewhat of a windy day, so we couldn't get the spray as crisp as we would have liked (that's our excuse and we're stickin with it) but by god it was great to be out in the fun sun.


Action Sports for Free

Action in la Plagne this month for FREE

   This month the French resort of la Plagne will be a hub of adrenaline pumping action with the
SEBA Beton on Fire and Urban Plagne Festival.  Expect some of the world’s best skaters, long boarders, inline skaters and buggy rollin’ riders on the Olympic bobsleigh track, along with some of the best street sports athletes and urban artists.

SEBA Beton on Fire (16th-18th August)

The SEBA Beton on Fire attracts the world’s best in-line skate, skateboard, long board and buggy rollin’ riders in a crazy timed race on the iconic Olympic bobsleigh track.

With the fastest riders reaching speeds of 100km/hr, it is fast paced adrenaline rushing fun for all those taking part and spectating.  And what’s more it is FREE!
You will never have witnessed anything quite like it before.  Beware it’s not for the faint hearted!

The Urban Plagne Festival (19th-22nd August) 

The festival has everything imaginable to do with street sports and urban art for FREE!

Why not have a go at BMX, parkour, hip-hop dancing, graffiti, street surfing, just to name a few!  Or perhaps stand back and watch the professionals?  Urban Plagne has numerous competitions for the budding pro, or the confident amateur, as well as shows to excite every street passion.

Its located at the Urban Park, a 2000m² street zone at 2000m altitude, making it truly the festival of street culture with attitude at altitude!

Urban Plagne
73210 La Plagne

More on La Plagne Fest... HERE

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Street Shots

Centre Fresh

We haven't hit this spot for a while...

 It has always been good in the past and it didn't let us down this time. With some reputable names likes Pulse, Iz the Wiz, Solo, RadDad, Dilk, Prince Harry and a few other tags we couldn't decipher.

Life's fun in the sun...

In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.
Bill Cosby