Monday, 19 August 2013

Off The Wall

Gettin to Know...

RDC: With a recognisably smooth, easy flowing style (that we really like), we thought we'd better get in touch with Nineta and find out more about her wicked manga technique...
She talks to us about about her work, shows us her cool spray on various surfaces and gets to grips with a massive spool... Gnarly!

RDC: Hey Nineta, how's it going, can you tell us where you are from and where you live now?

I am from Barcelona, Spain. I lived 7 years in the US and the last two years I lived in Berlin, Germany. A few weeks ago I moved back to Boston, MA.

RDC: Tell us what sort of media you use please and what others you have tried?

I've been doing street art for a while... first I always did stickers, paste ups and little murals. Once I got to Berlin, I started spray painting and using rollers for bigger pieces.
I also like to paint recycled objects, like mannequins, bowling pins, wood wire reel, giant puzzles, etc... I usually paint them with ink,acrylic paint or spray paint.

RDC: Why Nineta… what does it mean?

Nineta is my alterego, it means little doll in Catalan. It shows the naughty, shyness and playful curiosity of a girl.

Just spooling around...

RDC: Are you self taught? 

When it comes to the way I paint and do my artwork, yes, even though I did study graphic design and that helped me in many ways.

RDC: Do you tend to hit graff spots at nigh or during the day and what brand of spray are you into at present?

Most of the time I go paint during the day. I like to spray with Montana 94.

RDC: Can you tell us where the inspiration for your fairly like figures came from and how Barcelona treats graffiti artist compared to Boston, USA?

My figures are inspired by the woman nude and the different postures that a women can adopt. Manga is also a big inspiration for me and all the street artist that are out there. I also like to make the body interact with objects, animals, monsters or other bodies.

Barcelona had a great time for graffiti around 2001-2006 but after that it has been getting very strict and less tolerant. Boston is not a very friendly city when it comes to graffiti. It is too classic, even though lately the Institute of Contemporary Art -ICA has been showing many street artists and graffiti artists work. I think right now a great place to be if you want to learn and get inspired is Berlin.

RDC: We understand that you dress and express yourself loudly, can you explain?

Not really, I express myself loudly when I paint, but in my real life I am a pretty quiet and an introverted person.

RDC: If you could rewind something in your life, what would it be?

 Live for a few more months, again in Berlin.

RDC: What shows or new work have you got coming up?

I just finished last week a mural and a few mannequin heads for a show called 'Street Diamonds 2', which is showing in Fourth Wall Project Gallery in Boston for the next coming weeks. I am working on some other pieces that will be showing in Washington DC and New York City. 

RDC: Thanks for the coffee and the chat Nineta, keep up the ace work

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