Friday, 31 May 2013

Street shots

Good Mornin All

We finally managed to get an early hit after a few weeks without an outside spray. Factoring in the weather and our commissions some of the RDC Crew have been to busy to get out on the streets. 

Anyway no excuses, here's one just for you... xx 

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Gettin To Know...

Jesse Edwards - The Thugged Out Bob Ross
By Huey Crowley

Jesse Edwards is a painter from Seattle who’s been living in NYC for nearly two years. I moved to NYC around the same time as he did and he was one of the first artists I met here. Jesse is really funny because he does these really technically amazing paintings with a Monet sensibility but then he acts all ruggish-thuggish. His subject matter is often “real shit” and its even funnier to see him talk about painting. Talking to Jesse about painting is awesome because he instantly kills all pretension. Its really fun to hang around someone who doesn’t give a shit, yet has more cred than someone who gives too much of a shit. Check out some of his paintings and maybe this will start to make more sense...

One of the galleries that has worked with Jesse said he’s “like a teddy bear with a police record.” Jesse is the real-deal- a living, breathing painter on his way from ashy to classy. You can see that the dude’s been through some roughness… but you know what they say- a flower has to go through a lot of dirt before it can bloom.

Recently I was visiting Jesse’s underground bat-cave studio and he started telling me that he one day wanted to make a show about painting. He told me he wanted to make a ghetto version of Bob Ross's show. At one point he looked at me dead serious and said “yeah, but instead of just teaching you how to paint, I’m put you on how to run some game with the dames!!


Jesse’s paintings show a side of our culture that we don’t necessarily want to be seen - what is secretly placed under the table (yet very important) in America. The genre of vanitas painting historically focused on decay, death and morbid themes. Today crack and drug addiction are morbid themes, as are the themes of obesity and being a loser- to some people jerking off is considered morbid. These scenarios are all situations of hedonism- and a hedonistic lifestyle is a lot like walking on a tightrope- it can be a difficult thing to balance. You can fall off if you’re not careful, sometimes to your death.
These hedonistic themes in art have been around forever… check out Hans Holbein’s “The Ambassadors” for example.


  Shot remix

This was painted in 1533. This painting is pretty much the 1533 equivalent to a 1990′s era No Limit Records album cover. These dudes are flossing mad gear, holding important high-status items, showcasing confident pimp-like poses… And again, you have a skull secretly reminding you that if you play around too hard you can fall off.
Maybe this shot can better illustrate my point that these themes have been around and are here to stay!!!

Anywayz folks, Jesse is breathing life back into something that many people consider to be dead. He’s painting the genre the way it asks to be painted, and Jesse respects this genre of painting more that anyone I have met.
And on top of that, the dude can really paint...

More on Jesse... HERE

Street Shots... Melboure, Australia

Abando - The Masonic Fall
With Dean Sunshine

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Hang Outs... London, UK

... HERE

Flesh Cuts

Three For View

Cash 2013
Edit by: Jorge Cash

Original Bike Tricks - Tim Knoll
Edit by: Tim Knoll

Rebirth (Puerto Rico)
Edit by: Fred

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Help Raise Money For Hearts


A graffiti artist named Clem Alice passed away in April which came as a shock all his friends. He had heart surgery when he was 6 in London and has suffered with a bad heart all his life.

So, to celebrate his Artwork and His life Public Offender Zine based in Sheffield, UK have put together an 18 page book with all his work inside to raise money for Great Ormond Street Hospital - 'Hearts for Kids' charity. Everything that is raise from sales is going straight to Great Ormond Street to give more people a chance to have a fulfilled life like Clem had!

To support this worthy cause go... HERE
More about Public Offender Zine... HERE

Below, some of Clem's work on the Street -Photo's by Fiona Milne

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Flesh Cuts

Three For View

Jeta ZerOff
Edit by : Bam Studios

Blueprint Skateboards Welcomes Marcus Carr
Edit by: Blueprint Skateboards

Alex Senna chez Chan-Tang
Edit by: Marcela Faici

The street artist Alex Senna does graffiti at a backyard party.

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Street Shots

Pics from the Pavement

A random collection from the RDC cutting room floor. We have tons of shots just hangin around in crevices corners and cracks - maybe we should do a book?

Grab, cram and show... 

A finished person is a boring person.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Off The Shelf

Art + Culture Magazine
June 2013

If you are into all things Beastie like we are, this issue is the one for you!

Overflowing with lush memorabilia like picture books, influences, events. Also interviews with illustrators, graphic designer, photographers and many more people that were involved with the Boys from the beginning.

"It has been a year since the passing of one of music most prominent sons, Adam "MCA" Yauch, and in tribute to him and the undeniable impact the Beastie Boys have had on our art and culture for nearly 30 years, we are pleased to announce our very special June 2013 issue: Beastie Boys, a visual history + tribute to MCA." Juxtapoz Mag.

Get your hands on this issue and hold on tight... it's a wild ride.

Inside time...

Get it on Logo

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Flesh Cuts

 Three For View

Edit by: Keyseventeen

Miami Beach 1966
Edit by: Mathieu Segura

Isaias Crow and Werc Alvarez
Edit by: Urbanist

Monday, 20 May 2013

Keepin Up With... Kid Acne

Souvenir Print Release

Hello Everyone - I hope you're all good.

Earlier this year I was invited to paint the Village Underground wall as part of Street Art London's rolling canvas project. 

3 days up a rickety ladder injuring sleet and crosswinds is how we like to get down for these epic slogans. Mind you - a scissor lift would have been nice.
Ever since the piece went up I've been getting requests for a printed version, so without any further ado - I've just finished printing these bad boys... 

• Hand-pulled 2 colour screen print
• 350gsm recycled stock
• Format 50cm x 35cm
• Signed, numbered and embossed
• Edition of 50

Available HERE

Thanks for the support and interest.
Peace and love. K. Acne x

Saturday, 18 May 2013

RDC on the Write Again...

RDC in Summer Hooper Magazine

Out in June...

We were asked by the editor of hooper to do an interview of a Graffiti Artist. We contacted the excellent spray artist Color and did some painting and talking in a empty, windy building with snow blowing through gaps in the windows. It was only a few weeks ago but it seems like years and geez it was fun!

To find out more and check out our eye candy article - get your free copy of hooper (summer edition) by clicking on HERE below.

Click here... HERE

Keepin Up With... Alice Pasquini

Scuola Elementare

My newest wall is located in Terracina, Italy at the Scuola Elementare Giovanni Paolo II and was painted for the Memorie Urbane Festival. Thanks to The Blind Eye Factory for the making of video.


Friday, 17 May 2013

Hang Outs... UpFest

Graffiti Fest in Bristol, UK

Be ready for the biggest graff fest in the UK...
Saturday 25th to Monday 27th of May.
Be there or be... missin out big time!

More... HERE

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Street Shots... Melboune, Australia

With Dean Sunshine

A lot going down over here!

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