Saturday, 11 May 2013

New Release... Drawing Boards Video

Draw The Line

One of the first dvd's from our friends from Brighton, UK- AD McEvoy and the Drawing Boards Team...

Close car encounters, numerous ball to rail hits, face plants, ankle rolls, security guard step outs and skateboard pond dumps are just a few superlative to describe this ace DVD.
It's remarkable that these guys managed to get this much footy in such a wet year in the UK but they are out there avoiding skate stoppers and throwin grinds in the pissin rain!

Featured skaters include:
Dyllan VdMerwe... Monster Hardflip.
Elliot Rowe... Nose Manual King.
Matt Hill...Have it Mosher.
Jerry Wilson... Wait for the ender.
Liam Teague... Where in the hell is that wicked yellow bank?
Isaac Miller... Plush hits on Brighton.
Jak Tongue... Not everyone is backward in Portsmouth, surely?

The RDC View:
Long over due, a fun one to watch and with some new ground breaking edit techniques, let's hope we don't have to wait to long for the next one. ☋

Finally, we spoke to AD about the Van Gogh style (impressionism) on some of the teams intro shots and for any last words on the DVD, here's what he said:
"The individual Intro shots were one of the last things we did .... We wanted to do something that was along the same line for each rider which wasn't too drawn out (excuse the pun). All the dudes on the team have there own characters so it wasn't to difficult to come up with stuff .... It was pretty tricky on our budget so Liam and I had to work out the logistics a few times before getting it right... Think we may have invented a new technique...

For the main Intro we had tested the teams method acting out so we couldn't put people through that again ha ha (even though it was fun time is tight when your a new dad). So we needed something that we could smash out ourselves... Luckily, we had some rad portraits courtesy of Rich West so we just took it from their ...

People have had a really good response to the way the DVD has been put together and surprised by the skating so all of us here at Drawing Boards are hyped for the next moves...

Cop the DVD from the shop and support the scene!!" (link bottom of post)

Drawing Boards on Fbook... HERE
Buy ' Draw the Line" from their Weby... HERE

Sample cut of DVD.

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