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Time to catch-up with The

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A Chat with Camilla ─ĆErrico

With mega amounts of talent and numerous artistic disciplines under her belt it was a real treat to meet with Cammy...

RD: Hey, you have an extensive repertoire of artistic pursuits. Could you tell us where your from and what media you use please.

I live in Vancouver, Canada and I'm a painter as well as a comic book artist. I use Holbein Water Soluble oils to do my paintings and I use blue line pencils and pens to do my comic work. I also do digital illustrations. I'm a big fan of trying new media, which allows me different kinds of artist expression.

RD: What media do you prefer?

I'm very much a traditionalist. There's nothing quite like getting your hands, and even clothes sometimes, dirty with paint! I tried doing digital animation, but found that I was constantly sketching and drawing, so for me its definitely the hands on media that I love most!

RD: You have interests in video games and movie animation, tell us how that started and what stuff you have been involved with?

Growing up with anime and Saturday morning cartoons made me a little animation crazy! Its something that I hope to get into more, my ultimate goal is to have an anime movie made based on my own characters and story.
Videogames are a lot of fun and over the years they've become very lush and impressive. I've worked on a few video games, Sky Pirates of Neo Terra and with ActionPants doing character designs. Its an amazing thing to see characters you design, developed into 3D moving images. I really enjoy working with such creative studios.

RD: Could you give us a run down of where you have exhibited in the past and what exciting stuff you have coming up for the future?

I've exhibited in a lot of North America, Opera Galery in New York, Thinkspace in LA, and in Europe as well, my last solo show was at Mondo Bizarro in Rome. I'm very much looking forward to any future exhibitions I can have in Asia.
I have a solo show with Copro Nason in LA in the spring of 2012. As well as a few group shows, G1988 with Greg Simkins and a group show with Glenn Barr.

RD: What inspires you when it comes to your work- do you find music helps or working with like minded people perhaps?

I draw a lot of my inspiration from photography and also from exploring the city. My father raised me to love and appreciate nature, watching The Discovery Channel was one of my favourite things to do. So I take a lot of symbolism from nature and create my paintings based on that. I also am quite inspired by literature, I get an incredible exhilaration reading plays and poetry, its so inspiring.
Music for me is very important while I'm painting and drawing. Depending on the mood of the piece, or comic, I will often listen to a range of styles and genres to suit the energy of what I'm doing. I've taken a huge interest in dubstep recently and I'm finding that very inspiring.

Since I work alone, i don't have a lot of interaction with other artist. However I do have a lot of artist friends, and its really special to be able to talk to them and enjoy their company. Meeting my peers is something that I can't describe, and can only sum it up as awe inspiring!

RD: Tell us about the scene in Vancouver?

Vancouver has a very unique scene and I feel it is still quite untapped. There are local galleries, The Ayden Gallery, that showcase the "street art" and "pop surrealist" movement. There are many stores that also feature the local artists and help to create a sense of community for us. I really want this style to flourish and I think the scene here is just building up to become explosive.

RD: If you were stuck on a desert island and could only have two personal items with you, what would they be?(Go Wild...ha)

Well....that's tough. But only two would have to be paper and a pencil. I LOVE to draw. I could equally say, black paint and a white canvas, or clay and an oven. (I secretly love making sculptures but don't have the time to really play and hon that skill)

RD: When did you start your toy designs and did you get your shoe designs produced?

I've been designing toys for a few years now. The toy industry doesn't give you immediate results, in fact its going to be this year, 2011 that I'll see my very first toy released. I've worked on other artist series toys, but I've never had my very own design released. I know this one will be the first with several more to follow over the course of the next few years. I'm dying to show the public because this has been a lifetime dream of mine come true!
As for the shoe designs, I've been part of many shoe art shows, where I have customized original shoes. It was a lot of fun. Now I have my own shoes on my Zazzle store and they are amazing! The response has been great!

RD: iphone or Blackberry?

I adore my Iphone...couldn't live without it!

That's your phone ringing now!...Thanks Camilla we'll leave you to it, thumbs up from The Collective☋

Drop in to see Camilla's art now!... Click it!

Flesh Cuts

If ya got 10, glue your eyes to this un... not "literal like" though!

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Street Shots

Collection from the Curb

Be gentle to all and stern with yourself.
Saint Teresa of Avila

Hang Outs... Gold Coast, Australia

Our Friends on the Aussie Coast have 3 Artists on Their Walls!

Get your readin glasses out and get stuck in...


Solo Exhibition:

I Dream in Celluloid

19th February–19th March2011

OpeningNight :Saturday19th February2011 6-8 pm

Artist Sarah Beetson invites you into her bedroom. Enter her head and explore her multi-dimensional, psychedelic lucid dreams. On Saturday 19th February 19 Karen will be transformed into the inner depths of Sarah’s meandering mind.

‘I Dream in Celluloid’ is Sarah’s fourth solo exhibition and will encompass 40+ works including a visual record of her dreams, a series of larger works on canvas, a short animation and a giant digitally printed, hand painted embellished quilt cover.

In these works Sarah’s subconscious tangles with the old films she watches, with her lovers, friends and family, and her flamboyant imagination to create a kaleidoscope of works full of vibrant colours, illuminated faces and pure surreal life.

Sarah says through studying and recording content of her dreams she is rediscovering memories from her childhood, her displaced identity and nationality, interactions with people and pets, both dead and alive through the past and present.

“I'm discovering facts about the essence of my existence via my subconscious, as I progress through the period of my twenties we call Saturn Returns,” she said.

Behind the multitude of Sarah’s work is an extremely dedicated artist whose track record demonstrates her compulsive need to create art.

British-born Sarah has had a career to brag about. Once graduated from Falmouth College of Arts, Cornwall, UK in 2002 where she won the Pentland Prize for Fine Art Sarah went on to work in fashion, illustration and design at Yellowdoor (Mary Portas), Pop and The Face magazines for 4 years. Whilst completing a 7 month print design internship at Stella McCartney she was commissioned by Stella herself to decorate walls of her Bruton Street shop.

Since then, Sarah has built a career as a freelance artist and illustrator exhibiting work throughout the world, has been documented in a wealth of books, and has been commissioned to work for clients such as The Times (UK), The Wall Street Journal, Ford Germany, St George Bank and Perth Fashion Week.

This show will open on Saturday 19th February from 6-8pm until the 19th March so don’t miss the chance get inside Sarah Beetson’s head and explore ‘I Dream in Celluloid’.

Hang Outs... Gold Coast, Australia


Solo Exhibition:

Milk and Honey

19th February – 19th March 2011

OpeningNight: Saturday19th February 6-8 pm

If you haven‟t heard of Adelaide‟s renowned illustrator Dan Withey then you‟ve been hiding under a rock. As his name spreads and his shows go from sell out to sell out; 19 Karen is lucky enough to be hosting his eighth solo show on the 19th February titled „Milk and Honey.‟

Withey‟s talent has also been recognised by fellow artists. Melbourne‟s finest pop-artist, Dennis Ropar has taken Withey under his wing as well as purchasing 17 of Dan‟s works from his sell out show in Melbourne late last year

Dan feels, without self-proclaiming too much, that these are his best works yet.

“Most of my works are about a person or story or memory of mine like the scary bogan heroin addict I met at Hungry Jacks that I managed to distract with fries to make a quick get away,” he said.

„Milk and Honey‟ has been created in Dan‟s studio at his Adelaide home. Jotting ideas and inspiration down into a journal he is motivated by pop cult figures, conversations and the constant stimulation of the TV. Dan uses acrylic and spray paint on ply wood to create works of strong colour and detailed illustration that flesh out his ideas on globalisation and consumerism.

Throughout Dan‟s work the tribal, Native American influence is irrefutable. In his eyes their way of life represents something important that we have lost in our modern day world that has now been replaced with fear, paranoia and greed. The characters in his work represent his own personal desire to seek freedom from the mess that we have created.

Dan first started to paint 4 years ago after emigrating from England 2 years prior. While completing his Bachelor in Visual Communication at the University of South Australia, Dan was awarded first prize in the Design Institute of Australia student of the year awards in the Graphic Design category. His work has been published in Monster Children Magazine as part of the Mooks Art Space competition 2009 and he has also completed work for the Tour Down Under 2010 and many other Companies.

Though his family and girlfriend might nickname him „hermit‟ we here at 19 Karen are happy for Dan to hide away in his studio as long as he is creating his wonderfully refreshing art. An emerging artist to be reckoned with; Dan is completely committed to his career and this is your chance to own one of his work‟s while they still are affordable.

So join us and the artist on the 19th February from 6-8pm at 19 Karen to be part of Dan Withey‟s solo show „Milk and Honey‟ which will be exhibiting till the 19th March 2011.

Hang Outs... Gold Coast, Australia


Solo Exhibition:

Lying Under Trees

19th February–19th March2011

OpeningNight: Saturday19th February2011 6-8 pm

Picture: rolling hills of green, small valleys, bowing creeks, prehistoric water creatures and thick rainforest. This is the essence of Donna Sharam’s inspiration for her fourth solo show ‘Lying under Trees’ that will be exhibiting at 19 Karen.

Opening on Saturday 19th February Donna’s works are influenced greatly from the natural world around her and the beauty of Byron-bay’s hinterland where she lives and works from.

Donna says her works are about a new perspective; a different interpretation of trees and their metamorphic quality.

“I see the world in colour, shape and texture and ideas come from the way I view my world. I don’t have any problem acquiring new ideas – my only problem is not having enough time to paint them all,” she said.

Donna says to capture the ideas she could be seen around Byron Bay lying under trees with her sketch pad and pencil working away.

Using Matisse acrylic paints, lots of gesso, wax and oil pastels; Donna’s works are full of bold lines, patterns and mixed media textures that give her work a very strong, signature style.

Donna has a cabinet full of art awards and prizes due to her commitment and talent to her career as well as being featured regularly in Northern NSW & QLD newspapers and magazines.

Please join us to take a journey through the bold, charismatic and spirited solo show of Donna Sharam’s ‘Lying under Trees’.

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What a setting for a Gallery... Go See.

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Big Up to Montana Spray... from The Collective.

Find out why↓

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Flesh Cuts-San Francisco Bay Area.

Skating in the Sun... Nice.

Final DV Skate Montage from Nelsen Brazill on Vimeo.

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A Quickie...

... a quick but extraodanary insight into Afghanistan through the eyes of photographer and Britsh soldier Bran Symondson.

Says it all!!

This Afghan soldier has put a scorpion and a mouse together divided by some fresh roses.
It begs the question, will your demise be from greed or ignorance in a war zone?

Thanks to Bran Symondson for the pics.

For more... Follow.

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Monday, 24 January 2011

Fed up with All the Garbage on the Streets?

And wanna Get the Real Low Down!

Time to catch-up with The

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Off The Wall

Getting to know Alice

This lady knows where she is going, and knows what she wants!
A self assured woman, an attribute which shines through in her art, bold but meaningful, straight to the point, with colour enough to tell the story.

It's a pleasure to hook up with you Alice...

RD: Tell us where your from and where you live please and how long you've been an artist?

I am from Rome. Since I was a kid.

RD: Are you self taught?

No. My artistic background is Academic. I studied Fine Arts.

RD: What media do you use now and have you tried other media in the past ?

I am a multimedia artist. I specialized in old style animation and I worked as an illustrator and set designer. My tools are spray and posca.

RD: When your painting on the streets, what methods do you use and do the spots you graffiti influence the colours in your work?

I paint directly on the wall. Sometimes I use stencils, sometimes I paint directly by hand. The colours are influenced by the place, but as you can see I dont use so many colours.

RD: How do you feel Rome influences your works and do you feel the Roman authorities are a bit more lenient on street art because of the Italians age old love for design?

My taste is influenced by my culture. I can not say exactly how. But certainly I do not like pop culture.The authorities do not care about art. If you see them you better run in Rome as in any other part of the world.

RD: Could you tell us about the female inspirations in your art?

I am interested in female models different from street art cliche. I am often annoyed by female stereotypes proposed by artists where women are seen as sexual objects or cartoon heroines. I am seduced instead by real women, strong and independent women. In general, I am interested in the representation of human feelings.

RD: You also do set design, fill us in on that and what projects have you worked on recently?

This year I been working on a comics. On the 9st of February 2011 my graphic novel Vertigine will be released. In the book there are also photos of street works inspired by the main female characters of the story.

RD: Apples or apple pie?

banana split

RD: Would you like to say bye to folks?

that's all folks!

Its been great to chat Alice, keep doin what your doin... Thanks

Have a nosey... at Alice.

Hang Outs... Maryland USA

Gigi Show

The Solo Show of Gigi Bio

Just added
Special Performance by Nunchucks


The word "Biomorphic" is a term commonly referred as organic, abstract shapes derived from biology or living organisms. The word, "bio", means life; and "morphic", meaning transformation. In an art sense, it is a focus on the power of natural life and use of organic shapes & line work. As a person and artist, it was only natural for me to be inspired by life, with great emphasis on transition. Living in New York, I see life in an urban state of mind capturing the world in 360 degree hyper views. Everyday, I am surrounded by culture, bustling streets, speeding traffic to buildings being torn & built back up in an instant.

My view of the world is a product of the past colliding with the present. I aim to expose the emotional side of the city streets pushing the final image to abstraction & constructing a new view of the world. Each piece represents a world full of ambition, energy and movement. I aim to recreate the world through multiple perspectives captured in various time frames. My artwork is greatly inspired by the world, but hidden between the layers is a narrative of life. My art is a prism of life, beauty and transformation.

I expose the beautiful complexities of being human.

Life is Art.

Saturday, January 29th, from 7pm – 11pm

Art Whino Gallery
122 Waterfront St.
National Harbor, MD 20745

Show end date: February 16th

The event is FREE and open to the public.

About the Artist

Gigi Bio was born on July 9, 1978 in Oakland, California. Ever since childhood, she was an creative being with aspirations for art, photography & design. In 2000, she graduated with an AA in Fine Art & Fashion Design from Florida Community College at Jacksonville. In 2003, Gigi graduated with a BFA in Fashion Design at Savannah College of Art & Design. She is a creative designer who specializes in fashion illustration, women's wear, accessory and embroidery design. In addition to her fashion career, she is an artist specializing in digital photo collages mainly inspired by the city streets, architecture, graffiti and life. Currently, she is a freelance fashion designer, art & fashion director and visual artist.

Her work was featured in exhibits and publications for "Street or Studio - The History of Urban Photography" at Tate Modern in London, UK and "Click - The Changing Faces of Brooklyn" at Brooklyn Museum in Brooklyn, NY. In 2010, her work was published in Slice Magazine Spring / Summer 2010 Issue 6: Metropolis. Most recently, she had her first solo show presented by White Train called "Utopia" at DIS Micro Gallery in Brooklyn, NY. She is affiliated with Galerie Geraldine Zberro in Paris, France, Art Whino Gallery in Washington DC and White Train in NYC.

She lives, breathes & creates in Brooklyn, New York.






ImageNunchucks is a guitar-centric rock & roll quartet of friends who have
been playing music together since their childhood. This chemistry comes into play in their music as the dual guitars call and respond to each other and harmonize, while the rhythm section hold it all together the way only childhood musician friends can. Expect to hear classic rock inspired song writing, soaring guitar solos, vocal harmonies and an energetic set at any Nunchucks’ show.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

The One and Only

Montana Colour Sprays

Since 1993 Montana's been hand mixing their colours for graffiti artists and probably is the last company doing this today.
Back in the 90's graffiti was considered vandalism, so getting the company off the ground was a labour of love rather than a business venture.

...Montana, the original graffiti spray company- nothin to do with Gold!

Courtesy Montana pics

With loads of support from the graff community Montana Colours have survived problems like their factory in Barcelona burning down and various court cases to defend the use of their name.

They have always tried to stand by their original ethics for setting up the business:

Top quality paint

☀A good range of colours

☀And low prices for the customer

courtesy Montana pic

Finally the company patented the DONUT, which is the ring that encircles the valve and id's the colour of the spray.

courtesy Montana pic

So yeh see, mega companies ain't always the best companies... long live Montana Colours.

For buckets more... tap your brush here.