Sunday, 23 January 2011

The One and Only

Montana Colour Sprays

Since 1993 Montana's been hand mixing their colours for graffiti artists and probably is the last company doing this today.
Back in the 90's graffiti was considered vandalism, so getting the company off the ground was a labour of love rather than a business venture.

...Montana, the original graffiti spray company- nothin to do with Gold!

Courtesy Montana pics

With loads of support from the graff community Montana Colours have survived problems like their factory in Barcelona burning down and various court cases to defend the use of their name.

They have always tried to stand by their original ethics for setting up the business:

Top quality paint

☀A good range of colours

☀And low prices for the customer

courtesy Montana pic

Finally the company patented the DONUT, which is the ring that encircles the valve and id's the colour of the spray.

courtesy Montana pic

So yeh see, mega companies ain't always the best companies... long live Montana Colours.

For buckets more... tap your brush here.

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