Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Street Shots

Graf Lab/Dye Works
With Fiona Milne

So, a few weeks ago I spoke to a friend of mine about the Graff Lab and they said it wasn't worth a visit, but we  knew that Angryface had been there, so we just had to go....
How wrong they were! This site is amazing and the majority of work there is just awesome. Frustratingly with not being local to this area, we didn't know many of the artists other than our hero Angryface, with his largest piece to date, the wonderful Tekonta Secta and the stunning Boaster so apologies for the lack of shouts.
We were at this place for ages, it's huge and there is piece after quality piece everywhere you go. We were like kids let loose in a sweet shop! There are areas where floors and rooves are a bit dodgy, to say the least, so be aware! We know we missed a few bits so we'll just have to go back for another look, but it's not really worth a visit at all ;)


Monday, 29 April 2013

Flesh Cuts

Three For View

Jumpy Skateboard Dog
Edit by: Omar von Mulller

RDC: A cool collie.

Tois Studio x Lufthansa in Barcelona
Edit by: Montana Colours

Edit by: Jello 1212

RDC: Some mad rad riding on single track.

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Off The Shelf

Land Of Sunshine
A Snap Shot of Melbourne Street Art 2012-2012
Author/Photographer: Dean Sunshine
Publisher: DS Tech

Finally, we managed to get our hands on a copy...

One of our friends and long distance reporters Dean Sunshine has hit the book shelves with his new publication 'Land of Sunshine'.
In the multi-media genre that is the street art scene, there are many titles that claim to be the 'best of', for their contribution to recording images for posterity, some pull their claims off, others become just another book in the market place.  We are pleased to say this one pulls it off big time, with a vibrant look at the Melbourne scene, good quality imagery to delight your optical taste buds and tons of pages (299) to keep you entertained for ages! 

Artists include:
Drew Funk
Beast Man
Be Free
Urban Cake Lady
Baby Gurl
... and more.

Text from the book:
The heart of Melbourne street art is undeniably comprised of it's artists - those who step outside into the metropolis, tools of their trade in hand, painting legally with passion or illegally with trepidation. It is the "heart" beating across the city, which has engendered a beautiful modern artistic renaissance across the city. From Fitzroy to Prahran, Collingwood to the CBD, Brunswick to  St Kida and the suburbs beyond. we are unequivocally surrounded by the best local, interstate and international talent - and we are so very fortunate that they choose to gift us with their work.
Fletcher Andersen

So there you go, a great quality paperback with a must have content! 
Speaking of content,  let's look inside...  

Want more, go... HERE

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Keepin Up With... Alice Pasquini

 "Cave of Tales"

On April 17 the Casa dell'Architettura in Rome will inaugurate "Cave of Tales", a room created by street artist and illustrator Alice Pasquini for the first year anniversary of the -1 Gallery. Alice's work, which recalls a prehistoric grotto from the third century, makes its appearance in the "underground" at the Casa dell'Architettura, which is housed in the former Rome aquarium. The space was previously painted by artists Lucamaleonte, Diamond, Omino71, and Mr. Klevra.

Starting from a black background that was used to cover the irreverent pop-art "end of the world" represented in the previous wunderkammer, the Alice's painting immerses us (almost submerging us like goldfish) in a city nightscape that is both maze and narrative. A narrative that unfurls like a movie that has already begun, and that only at first glance can be confused with the world outside. A journey into the underground - a passage in the depths of the innocuous, which belongs to the artist, but that somehow the visitor, like deja vu, seems to recognize. A silent room (the walls have ears, mouths), but where one gets the impression that by moving closer to the walls you might hear whispered stories of the characters that crowd behind the glass of this upside down.

"Working on the floor below the aquarium made me immediately think of a dive - says Alice. I let myself be inspired by the times when I paint during the night and I imagined a city submerged in sleep. The story flows along the walls. Sleep does not come, thoughts crowd into the blue room, and become shadows hovering all around me. The city takes shape in the dark, the ceiling is pierced by small stars swirl circularly. I would like to hold on to one of them and let it carry me, but they continue to slip away like fish. Car slide on wet street and reflections reveal a face in silence. Over a roof I look at the edge of town and at my future. 

Suddenly I feel dizzy."

More about the cave paintings in Italiano... HERE

Friday, 26 April 2013

Flesh Cuts

Three For View

Versus Project - Gris 1
Edit by: Montana Colours

Cuz: re-edit
Edit by: Bog Dump

Fallen Angel
Edit by: Daniel Wechsler

Keepin Up With... Phlegm

Fossil - Sheffield, UK

Well hopefully things can start getting back to normal around here. The book covers are done and the rest of it has gone to print. Now all I want to do is paint paint paint!  This is a pretty big set of bones I painted the other night. 


Big thanks to Phlegm for the info

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Street Shots... Argentina

Buenos Aires ♥
With VEZ

Our spray buddy Vez has been on her travels casting her eyes on some far away graffs...

On the streets of BA she has been doing a lot of clicking with loads of writing and illustration on display. The weather's good the people at great and the bombing's even better.

Here are the ace images she sent us... 


Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Off The Shelf

 Three For View

Vhils - Fragmentos
Edit by: Alexandre Farto

Morgan Campbell - The Perfect Amount of Crazy
Edit by: The 4 Skateboard Company

RDC: Get a loada this guy... Sweeeeet Skate!!

The Grafopolitan Museum of Art
Edit by: Under the Line

Slowly but surely, graffiti has come a long way from the criminal records to the art galleries. And the road of change definitely goes through Bulgaria.
The largest permanent graffiti exhibition in Eastern Europe was officially opened in Burgas a month ago. The gallery occupies 10,000 m2 of wall area and currently represents the work of 16 graffiti artists from Bulgaria, Great Britain, Germany, Spain and Italy. And this is just the beginning.

Monday, 22 April 2013

Off The Shelf

Juxtapoz - New Contemporary
Publishers: Gingko Press

Think Juxtapoz Magazine, think contemporary art, think hard backed cover... know your gettin it!

Every now and then Juxtapoz comes out with a hard backed book featuring the freshest and the best of their monthly magazine but under specific titles. This one is entitled 'New Contemporary' not only displaying some ace graffiti, it also hits on various media methods to bring together some of the best images of modern art we have seen for a while. Plenty to look at with 239 pages of full colour and showing the talents of 29 artist with varying styles. Printed on great quality paper, making this a substantial beauty of a publication!

Bits from the book:
"There seems to be a growing interest in what was once thought of as the disregarded arts - arts that, until recently, have been considered commercially  tainted or non-academic. These endeavours include rock and roll, promotional posters, underground comic books, lurid pulp magazine illustrations, hot rod and motorcycle imagery, tattoo art, surfer and skateboard art, carnival graphics, (especially related to sideshows), pin up girly art, and of course public and graffiti, plus numerous other forms of idiosyncratic visual stimuli."

It's defiantly one to check out!
Lets go inside...

Go to Gingko on Logo