Saturday, 30 March 2013

Shot of the Day

Paint Blow Back

It's always a good idea to spray away from sudden gusts of wind... Dang it!!

Street Shots... Sheffield, UK

Combin the Steel City for Graff
With Fiona Milne

CoLor and ?

Well it's been a busy few weeks again in Sheffield, great to see so many artists and writers on it, despite the lousiest weather for March in 50 years, apparently.

A new talent has been spotted out and about, so new, she, yes she, hasn't even got an 'artist' name yet, her caricatures of Joker and Batman etc have been spotted around a few of the popular graff spots. She has done an awesome collaboration with Color Art, he painted 'Secret AdMyra' a photo realistic piece of Moors Murderer Myra Hindley and she did 'Super Vill.Ian' a chilling representation of her co-conspirator Ian Brady. Really unusual subjects, I think, but very effective.

Another artist slowly making his presence felt is Xhastexo whose multi-layered stencil pieces and little characters are putting in a welcome appearance about the place.

Mila K, busy as always currently has an exhibition running until 13th April, well worth checking out if you get the chance. (See bottom of post for Link)

Mars, has been prolific recently with some several quality pieces created in a very short time, Garfield is one of my favourites.

TCM Crew, came out in numbers to paint the ball courts a few weeks ago, still buzzing from the positive feedback from the 'Sheffield Graffiti Kingdom' documentary, that features many of them. A cracking wall was produced, hopefully one of many as the year progresses.

We have also had some visitors from afar, well not that far but even so....
It has been great to have Sneak visit the city and have his paste ups brighten our walls.

And also, AngryFace, who has been here before with paste ups, but came this time to paint. We now have 3 angryfaces and are very privileged to have the first ever Angry Rabbit!!

I'm so impressed with all the work that has been produced so far this year can't wait till the weather improves, I won't be able to keep up!




 Mila K


 Angry Face

 TCM Crew

Mila K show... HERE

Friday, 29 March 2013

Getting to Know...

Claudio Parentela

Claudio lives in Catanzaro, Italy and has a lot of strings to his bow. An illustrator, painter, photographer, cartoonist and free lance journalist to name just a few... With connections in the underground contemporary art scene for many years and has collaborations with major magazine like NY Arts, Turntable and Blue Light, Why Vandalism, Thieves Jargon, Braintwisting...and - and!

His art is a wacky (but ace) style of layered drawing and images, were his imagination runs wild. Just when you think you understand where he is coming from, you confront his next image and have to start deciphering him afresh...

More from Claudio P... HERE

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Keepin Up With... Dave the Chimp

 Design for Radio Skateboards

Dave was asked to do some graphics for skateboard company Radio... well, why wouldn't you!

Monday, 25 March 2013

Paint and Skate

Maple Street, Nottingham, UK

We were told about Maple Street by a few graff artists but never managed to get over there to get some shots, until now...

It started out life as a cool skate park with flat banks, mini ramp, a three metre wave and a couple of granite ledges. it has now been decorated by a whole bunch of artists as a constantly changing place to skate and paint. We gathered that it had been a prime legal spot to spray for a number of years now but after seeing the new bright yellow council sign saying 'No graffiti', we are beginning to wonder if it still is?

However,  there is plenty of spray in the old can yet as you can see below and a small sign saying no graffiti, sure isn't going deter anyone form having a go...

Maple Street,
NG7 6

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Flesh Cuts

Three For View

Big Catch - Lonac
Edit by: Silk fat blues

Fallen - Sicily Tour
Edit by: Sergio Minnici

AddFuel Plus Eime
Edit by: Eime

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Hang Outs... RadDad Art in Nottingham, UK

RadDad Art

Have you been yet...
This show is on during the month of March 2013.

RadDad has an art show at a plush restaurant called 'The Alley Cafe', it is in a great little spot near the centre of Nottingham. Go in and check out the dining room - just for a look, or sit down and tuck in...

Get um while they last ☋

Info about this Ace Eatery on Logo

Off The Shelf

Art + Culture Magazine
April 2013

Hallelujah the April 2013 Issue has arrived...

With a white back ground cover Ralph Steadman portrays his 'Vintage Dr Gonzo' illustration for all to see... Ralph is a British cartoonist, print maker, sculptor and songwriter who is instantly recognised by his technique of splashing black ink around his work. Working for Surfing Magazine at Long Beach, CA in the early 1980's as a College intern set him on a fruitful path... more in the mag.

At a squint the inside looks like this:
Ben Fong- Torres= Former editor of Rolling Stone.
Kelsey Brooks= his past career as a microbiologist has influenced his work greatly.
Carlos Donjuan=Culture and Subculture with a splash of colour.
Nathaniel Russell= Cosmic mysteries and connections.
Jamie Brett Treadwell= Cat meet dog.
Erik Parker= Visual soundtrack and snapshots of past experiences.
Parra= A late bloomer now a leader.
Joram Roukes= " I think the paintings steer but not dictate."

 Here's one of our favourite snippets from Sieben on Life taken from April Issue:

"Booze - I'm guessing that most readers of Juxtapoz have attended an art opening at some point in their lives and enjoyed free booze that was mostly being served. Unfortunately the booze is only free for the attendants, the owners of the gallery have to buy that Hooch. 
I tried asking the guy at the beer store once, if I could have a bunch of free beer for an art show and he just looked at me like I was an asshole."

Time to go in...

To explore more go on Logo

Friday, 22 March 2013

Design a Board Comp...

Board Pusher

RDC: The guys from in Denver have been in touch to say they are starting their Third Thursday Design Contest right now - what's it all about...⬇

Welcome to the BoardPusher's Third Thursday Skateboard Design Contest. This month's theme is "Natural". We're keeping a pretty open mind on this one so enter your interpretation of whatever is natural to you.

What's Up For Grabs:
We'll send you $100 and a skateboard with your winning graphic on it. We will also include your design in the BoardPusher Third Thursday Shop with a limited run of 10 decks available to the public.

Not enough stats, go for more... HERE