Saturday, 9 March 2013

Street Shots... Sheffield, UK

Sheffield Graffiti
With Fiona Milne

Sheffield Graffiti Kingdom is a documentary made by Sheffield film maker Theo Cane Garvey. It's quite a change from his normal survival horror genre films, the reason ? He's a true fan of Sheffield old school graffiti. For someone like myself who has only become involved with graf in the last 4 years this film provides a fascinating insight into the history of the scene in the Steel city from the 90's to date. Featuring many well known local artists and writers most of whom are still active today including Jaer, Lone, Kode, Gzos, Booms, Crome, Prone, Dyal and Form among others.
The movie has been entered for Docfest and hopefully will get a screening to a wider audience. If you get the chance, go see it!

The photos accompanying this post are all of pieces by graffiti artists featured in the film who are still active today.
Hope you like it.


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