Thursday, 30 June 2011

Keepin Up With...Phlegm

Hittin The Gym

Phlegm's been to a burnt out gym for a work out.
Pumping up his talent and spray fingers, making Arnie look like a stick insect in comparison.

Keep knockin back them protein drinks Dude, your works rippling with class!

images from phlegm

images from phlegm

An artist cannot fail; it is a success to be one.
Charles Horton Cooley

Off The Shelf

Good News


Our 4 issue subscription service has finally arrived and it's going to make getting your mitts on our mags that little bit easier, but it's not only convenience we are offering.

:: Subscribers will receive a free, subscriber exclusive T-shirt designed by a VNA-featured artist; and you can select your size so you aren't left desperately trying to stretch a Small over your 6ft frame.

:: Choose which issue you start your subscription from; last issue, this issue or next.

:: Receive the latest issue direct to your door before anyone else.

:: Be offered the chance to enter exclusive subscriber competitions with prints, apparel and a whole lot more up for grabs.

:: One lucky subscriber will be picked at random to receive a limited edition screen printed mag.

:: Never have to remember to pre-order the magazine, just expect it to land on your doormat.

:: Never have to remember to renew your subscription, we'll remind you.

Click here to buy your subscription package today and find out more info.

VNA 15 is still selling fast, so remember to grab your copy here .

We are VNA

You read our magazine, come to our launch nights and enter our competitions, so we thought you might just want to see our ridiculous faces as well. As luck would have it, our friends at itdrewitself popped in to say hi and created this behind-the-scenes video about VNA magazine and our team.

Click this image to watch the video

Promo Vid

Because we are feeling generous, here is another spectacular video to feast your eyes upon and distract you from work. Props, as always to Makesometea Productions for this.

Click this image to watch the video

Thanks, as ever, for your support of Very Nearly Almost.


Off The Shelf

Juxtapoz Magazine

We've finally got the July 2011 edition of Juxta mag this morning... a sigh of relief ... and not before time!

With loads of greats in the index like:
James Franco
Aaron Young
Billy Dee Williams
Jose Lopez...we could keep goin.

And with this months pages stacked up with ace images, (even the adverts are good-check out Vans Skate-Boarding❐ ad below) we can't see how you can go wrong.

Eye it up...

Vans Ad

Orbit...opps sorry, order it on line Here

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Hang Out...Gold Coast, Australia

Don't Forget To Call In...
If Your Down Under!

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Contemporary Artspace

19 Karen Avenue, Mermaid Beach Gold Coast Q 4218

OPEN Tuesdays to Saturdays 10am - 5.00pm & by appt.

Tel: 07 555 45019 | Fax: 07 5575 3058 | Web:

Post: 19 KAREN, PO Box 610, Mermaid Beach Q 4218

Keepin Up With...Mr Penfold

Berlin Bandits

Mr P's been causing havoc in Germany recently and here's the result.

Featuring Mr Penfold, Iggy, Billy, Nerd (LowBros)

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See the Mr Penfold View...HERE.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Dates For Your Phone

Maverick At Newbury UK

Sunday, July 3 · 12:00pm - 4:00pm

Our Buddies, have got a Skate Park opening with Jams, Demos and loads more...

Just recently completed, this park has it's fair share of ledges, bowls and rails.
Also, as a compliment to the majority of the Parks basic grey crete colour, they have strategically placed warm burgundy red concretes as a contrast.

A fine example of subtle embellishments - a trait which Maverick have built their reputation on... so what ya waitin for get down there and skate it☋

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Chris Oliver and the NPNG Crew
5 minutes of Mad Thrashing on the Park

Victoria Park
West Berkshire
RG14 5AS

Monday, 27 June 2011

Off The Shelf

Watch Me Move
Editors: Greg Hilty and Alona Pardo
Publisher: Merrell - in association with the Barbican Art Gallery, London
Publication Date: 1st July 2011

It's hard work being an animator, with time and energy spent on the minute details in order to get every action and reaction in their characters to gell perfectly.

This book explores 150 years of history up to present day, featuring techniques such as hand-drawings, stop-motion, puppetry, computer animation and more experimental forms.
With earlier works like Felix the Cat, The Flintstones and Betty Boop to more resent pleasures like Astro Boy, Avatar and The Incredibles, with of course many more.

Interesting Chapters include:

☀Object, dream and Image in Animation
☀The Toolbox of Technology and Technique
☀Experiencing Animation

With loads of pictures and narrative it's worth a check, specially if your hiding in a box with nothing to do - don't believe us, just ask The Toy Story Crew

To look it up click on logo below

Hang Outs...Forsyth Street, NY

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Follow The Reader


We spoke to Insa about an interview and unfortunately he has numerous shows coming up and was far to busy to hang with us at the moment. However he did say "I'm more than happy for you to feature some of my work on your site" so here you go.

Based in London
His mother's fault for introducing him to art at an early age.

Quote: INSA’s world is one where art, product, graffiti, fetishism, and desire collide.


Large canvases
Plaster of Paris
T shirts
Various application tools

thanks to Insa for images and quote above

More from Insa...Here.