Monday, 20 June 2011

Street Shots-Well Sort Of

Slack Line... What The?

What is slack line, it's like tight roping but more fun-all you do is anchor a 5cm strip of webbing between two trees get on the line and start to walk. Well...not as easy as that as it goes...invented in the 70's in California this balance sport has hit the UK and Europe in a big way!!

Maverick Industries, a skate park construction company and now also "Slackers", are one of the main suppliers to the fair people of the UK, and man do they make this stuff look fun.

After a chat with the guys, a possible venture out for The Collective Team on a SLine walk may be on the cards in the near future (will post it up as soon as we have a go), in the mean time check out some of the classy hand stands, 360's , backflips, and loads more...

thanks to Maverick for the images

thanks to Maverick for the images

Click this logo for a look

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