Friday, 17 June 2011

Off The Wall

Around The Anvil With Hayley Powell

After a few months of trying to nail Hayley down for a view, we finally managed to catch a minute. Here's how it went...

RD: Hey, it's great to meet you, could you tell us where you from?

Rural Derbyshire in the UK

RD: Fill us in on what media you use please?

Traditional metalwork, - Mainly mild steel, occasionaly wrought iron and other recycled metals.

RD: How did you get involved in Arty Smithing and how did you train for it?

I took part in a Blacksmithing taster session about 5 years ago and was bitten by the bug! I then went to uni to study Design technology BSc, But this didnt give me the hands on satisfaction that Blacksmithing did, So I did work experience with blacksmiths at every avalible moment whilst finnishing uni. Then when I graduated May 2010 there was nothing else to do but set up my own business!!!

RD: Compared to a farrier/blacksmith - what sort of precision tools do you use, like a different anvil for instance?

Most equipment is used by Blacksmiths and Farriers. The traditional Blacksmith would have shoed all the horses and carts in the village but due to modern advances in equestrian disiplines there is a definate seperation between blacksmiths and farriers. Blacksmiths now need a specialised qualification to be able to shoe horses.

RD: Tell us more about the arm chair and about your "Mini" addiction?

The bar stool I made was the culmination of many techniques and a lot of weeks planning whilst doing work experience. It is now my pride and joy and a very good showcase of my work and the possibility that blacksmithing has.
I love all things british and traditional including my car! He is a neon blue classic MINI clubman estate! He is my pride and joy and goes everywere with me! We get lots of waves and he makes me so happy! He even has his own apreciation society! It always makes people laugth when I manage to unpack my craft stall into the boot!!

RD: Describe your new forge for us please.

I am so unbelievably lucky to be in the forge I am! Its a Victorian Pumping Station, it has been lovingly restored over the past 50 years by a dedicated bunch of volunteers. The whole site still runs off steam including the forge! The forge has been fully restored to how it was in the victorian age including a Massey steam power hammer! an amazing historic piece of kit. But dont be fooled this is no static museum, the whole site is in working order and the workshop with victorian machinery is used to further restore/repair the site! It really is worth seeing especially on a steam in day! Claymills Victorian Pumping Station can be found just off the A38 into Burton.

RD: You mention recycling on your website, what is the most unusual recycled metal you have used in your work?

Since I have moved into the pumping station I have been trying to do my bit and found "Home for the rescued and rusty" These are interesting items that I find around the site - mostly the scrap bin- that I think are beautiful pieces of british engineering! The collection is expanding and the proceeds from "re-homing" the items are donated to the site for further restoration! Now thats what I call recycling!!!
More points of interest...
My favourite piece of work is my giant custard cream gate! It was for a Blacksmithing exhibition in Sheffield winter gardens, it was even featured in back of shot on the BBC world snooker!! It has created a great following and more Biscuits are on the way...... :P
Ha, we like that piece as well, thanks for the view and "all the best" from The Collective☋

Go to Hayley's site...Here.
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