Saturday, 18 June 2011

Hang Outs...Nottingham, UK

Street Art Festival

Loads a stuff goin down starting 2nd July 2011.

Smallkid, Ging, Amy Blackwell, Jon Burgerman and Dilk are just a minute collection of artists appearing at this exciting new venture.

☀Switch Gallery exhibition
☀Film/documentary screening
☀Team Redcoat exhibition
☀Workshops and Drawing
☀V&A Contemporary prints
☀Blockwerk Orchestra

Head down, should be an ace show.

Look for full details...Get
Team Redcoat...Out
Salon de Refus├ęs... To
smallkid, ging and Amy Blackwell...Notts
Jon Burgerman, papering over the cracks... Arts
Street Art, Contemporary Art Prints from V&A...Soon!

Big Thanks to Nathan and friends, click logo below to find out more...


  1. Darn, I missed it. I love contemporary art prints and this would have been the perfect opportunity to get some more. I would have loved to have been there.

  2. No worries Dude, just keep an eye on the blog, there will be more stuff in the future☋


    The Collective Team