Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Off The Shelf

VNA Magazine
Issue 15

By the time the Very Nearly Almost mag gets pushed through our letterbox we are gagging to get our eager hands on it and rifle through it's contents.

In this month's issue:
What it lacks in colour on the cover it makes up for inside, with some peachy full spreads and graffiti laden city features from "The Streets" of London, LA and Berlin.

Some well lush views from:
Shepard Fairey-rags to mega murals.

Elph-our friend from Scotland, gives a concise interview and we get to look at his unmistakeable illustrative style.

Logan Hicks- checkin on his architectural sketches.

Burning Candy- we don't believe it, VNA managed to get this allusive crew together in one spot!!

Ripo-"Ripossessing the Streets", meet NYer Ripo now living in Spain and spreadin the love.

Moca- "Art in the Streets" the review of the comtemporary collection in LA.

So it's obviously full of vibrance and vigour, so get your thumbs warmed up to keep them pages turnin through this months VNA!

Oh yeh, a big thanks to George and staff at VNA for hookin us up

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