Thursday, 31 May 2012

Queen's Diamond Jubilee

'A Salute'
From RDC Crew

Ok, she has been on the throne for 60 years and because of that we thought we would blow out a quicky for her Majesty. We found a spot out of the rain this morning and after walking over glass, dodging hypodermics and trying to keep the shaking of the spray can to a minimum as to not attract unwanted attention, we managed to settle into a rhythm and get it done!

'Long Live The Queen' and of course she is down with the Crew... my the reign be with you, or summit!


Necessity makes even the timid brave.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

City Seen with Kayla Smith

Banksy's Jubilee Stencil

RDC: Meet Kayla Smith the Collective's new intrepid reporter from the London, UK area.

In her first article she looks at the recent spray piece by Banksy, celebrating the Queen's Jubilee in his own unique way. 

Like him or loath him it's nice to see he is in the holiday mood and not flagging, so to speak...

Real Art Protected: A New Use for Perspex Casing

This month has seen some terrific news among graffiti communities all over the world. It comes from a city that is home to some of the world’s finest graffiti and artists, including the legendary illusive character that is Banksy. An icon and an inspiration to graffiti artists from various corners of the globe, Banksy’s work epitomises all that it means to be a graffiti artist: outspoken viewpoints, bringing to light social and political injustices, and mixing them with art that is individual and expressive.

Over the years Banksy has been in action around the streets of London where we have been witness to some masterpieces, which have appeared on some of the city’s most iconic and noticeable buildings. We have marvelled at their random appearances and waited with baited breath for the next. We have watched Banksy’s pieces become synonymous with London culture. Who can forget the time when one of his pieces was ordered to be removed by the council, only for anarchists to remove the entire wall and then sell it on as an art piece?

Destined for removal

We have watched in horror as one by one, Banksy’s pieces have often been removed as quickly as they have appeared. For Banksy, although seen as an artist by many, is seen as a vandal by others. He is victim to removal just like any other graffiti artist. However, a new protection has been given to one of the artist’s new creations. And if Banksy is to be treated the same as any other graffiti artist, this new idea could be a fantastic ground to take when arguing for the protection of our own work.

Banksy’s latest work shows a young boy kneeling down over a sewing machine making what looks to be the Queen’s Jubilee street party accessories in a sweatshop. It has been painted on to the side of a building that is home to bargain high street shopping chain, Poundland, in Whymark Avenue near Turnpike Lane in North London.

It is thought that the latest Banksy work of art could be worth many thousands of pounds. The aforementioned wall, after all, was sold for a whopping £200,000 on auction site, eBay. The prospective value of this new piece has been enough for someone to take a stand; the painting has been covered in a Perspex plastic covering frame.

Positive reaction

The residents of Turnpike Lane have reacted positively to the appearance of the latest piece of art work and are all in favour of its protection. It has been known for people to destroy Banksy works of art in the past – not just the authorities, but also everyday citizens. For example, in Melbourne in Australia, a Banksy piece was recently destroyed when a disgruntled builder decided to drill a hole through it; ‘The Parachuting Rat’ was ruined during the builder’s pipe installation work. Also, whether accidental or not, people have vandalised his work. Once, a council even accidentally painted over one of his other pieces. There have also been cases of the buildings being demolished – some of his works were painted on derelict buildings or those in severe need of an asbestos survey – signalling the end of many more Banksy masterpieces.

London newspaper, the Evening Standard, recently spoke to residents in Turnpike Lane to find out what they really thought of the piece. The paper reported a positive reaction to the plastic encasing, indicating that this could be the way forward for the protection of unauthorised, but desirable, street masterpieces. The Evening Standard spoke to a local resident, James Longshaw, 42. He said: 

“It’s a work of art, so of course I enjoy it. It will probably put house prices up in the area – that’s what has happened in areas where he has been before.

“I don’t see why anyone should object, all it means is the area has arrived. He isn’t attacking the area, he is attacking businesses in the area which exploit people in sweatshops.

“Banksy is promoting an issue by painting this but I don’t think a lot of people will know what it means – they might think it is just any graffiti.”

Maybe there is a new market out there – the protection of Banksy’s latest piece could spark an increased demand for the production of Perspex casing. If Banksy’s works are good enough to receive this kind of treatment, maybe we should apply the tactic to preservation of our own work?


Flesh Cuts

Three For View

Ben Nordberg - 2012 FLIP Edit
Edit by: Relentless Energy

Bruce Davidson's Subway
Edit by: Tate

Gershon Mosley's The Park Ranger Series
Edit by: Sherogen

Monday, 28 May 2012

Street Shots

RDC Swan Paint

We've been up to no good again!
Some of the RDC Crew saw an outdoor industrial duct and decided not to miss the opportunity to paint it.

We had to decide what to paint? 
After a bit of searching the net for a compatible shape for the outdoor duct, we settled on a severed Swan neck... we know - sorry but it had the right angles.

After waiting what seemed like a lifetime for a break in the weather, we managed to hit the site. With a force 10 gale blowing and a cloudy going to piss it down sky, the deed was eventually done.

Check out the Bird bath - or is that Blood Bath, below...

T Shirt Shop

Shop Open Now...

You got one yet... ?
Various custom T's, right HERE right NOW!

Push on the LOGO in this Post or LOGO on Sidebar

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Off The Shelf

Art + Culture Magazine
June 2012

It's that time of month again... are you ready?

Juxtapoz magazine is about to drop and as usual they have an ace selection of articles hiding between the covers. On the front cover of this month's issue is Don Pendleton, his unmistakeable style has been finely tuned after years of working as a graphic artist with skateboard companies like Alien Workshop and Element.

As we thumb through the pages, pictures leap out at us like the train paintings by Utah and Ether as they dodge the guards and spray by flash light. Backing up through the mag we find Raul Gonzalez with his paintings with their muted and weathered colours (colours muted by coffee and Mexican piss apparently). Vibrant graffitied vans by Kevin Cyr and they are wheely nice...

And if you like slapping the mouse... there are loads of galleries, fashion ideas, spray paint shops and  slick sock website links for you to explore.

What's in the contents we hear you ask:
Don Pendleton
Wayne White
Kevin Cyr
Brian Chippendale
Raul Gonzalez
Killian Eng
Ether and Utah

Take a look for yourself...

To check the POST at Juxtapoz, go on the Logo

Friday, 25 May 2012

Hang Outs... Barcelona, Spain

Solo Show Review

The show continues until May 17th.

Jaz’s first European solo show opens up in Ras Gallery Barcelona, curated by Maximiliano Ruiz and produced by SUBEN.

Regardless of the weather, a sample of the local graffiti, art and skate viewers showed up to celebrate the event to the sip the local beer.

An impressive hall wide mural piece presides on the back wall, with the cool colored silhouette of two facing animals, the depiction of Sagittarius constellation overlapping. A loose stroke, great sense of proportions and a designers color palette are appreciated this mural, where the spray is transformed into texture.

The rest of show is comprised of 22 small works on paper and 4 bigger ones on canvas, most of which are made only with tar, a material used in coherence with the research and experimentation of artist  JAZ.
 Visit it at: Carrer Doctor Dou 10, Barcelona.

Flesh Cut Fridays with Luci Westphal

What if you only have one day (or even just an afternoon) to explore New York City? This is the tour I would recommend!

When Margaret Briggs came up from Florida for the premiere of All's Well and Fair it was her first time in NYC. Because the film premiere celebration (yay!!!) went rather late, we got a slow start the next day and actually didn't get going until the later afternoon.

I made a mental must-see list and off we ran. This is what we managed to see and I would recommend for anyone who only has a day [not all would fit into the video]:


App a Week

'Ruby Tuesday Mobile'

Categories: M-Commerce

For use on:
⁍ iPad
Some Mobile/Cell Phones
⁍ Website

Ruby Tuesday: 
An App for the diner in you. 
Find food franchises, beer bars,  snack shops,  latest low price deals and so much more - in your location or elsewhere. Yep, latest offers with the menu and bar list on view, you can even make a reservation and get a quality report of the establishment.
So what yeh waitin for, tuck in...

From the Book. 
Closer look at the App here...
 To purchase the book go here...

Collaboration: Rad Dad Collective have hooked up with Taschen Publishing to bring you an 'App a Week.' The inspiration came when we received a copy of The App & Mobile Case Study Book from Taschen and we were well impressed!

Flesh Cuts

Three For View

Adidas x Stgo Underground Crew
Edit by: Montana Colours

Marc Suciu Edit
Edit by: Planet X Skateboards

Etern River
Edit by: Maccabanas 1810

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Skate Event in August

Vans Downtown Showdown
The Old World and New World Collide Along the Banks of Amsterdam’s Waterways
Westergasfabriek of Amsterdam, Netherlands 
4th of August in 2012
 Entry to the event is Free. 

The Vans Downtown Showdown concept was created for skaters by skaters and has been running globally for the last six years, each time creating unique Off the Wall concepts to be skated. Be ready to see some Dutch flavour added to this renowned event as it continues to lead the way for future skate contests.

The former  “Western Gas Factory” will be the venue for the fourth edition of the now legendary Vans Downtown Showdown and the location will host the free skate event complete with movie screenings, music, a public skate feature, art activation and more activities to be revealed over the next few months.

The best skate teams are venturing from the far reaches of Europe and the shores of California for their chance to take part in a contest renowned to test skill, flare and creativity. Far removed from the usual format of any other skateboarding competition - the event will take place on 4 special customised ramps, which are all designed by the invited teams themselves. With the park layout being thrown out to the competing brands, the focus is not just on the riders ability and skills, but also on the individual teams to redefine the concept of a skate obstacle and ultimately designing something original that reflects the most emblematic symbols of Amsterdam & The Netherlands.

Inspired by all the stories of one of Europe’s major historic cities, you can expect to see some very special ramps to be built.  Iconic images including windmills, tulips, clogs and bikes will provide visual stimulation for the ramp builders while visions of artists gone mad (Van Gogh), gothic churches, coffee shops and the infamous red light district haunt their dreams. Suffice to say, the variety of inspiration is endless and the invited crews will have their hands full designing tailor made obstacles for Europe’s premiere skate event.

With Torino, Hamburg and London the previous settings for the European Vans Downtown Showdown, expectations this year are higher than ever before as Vans and the competitors push hard to surpass the already extremely high standard of the contest. With some of the top board brands in skateboarding already confirmed, expect to see the top Pros from US brands ZERO Skateboards, Toy Machine, Spitfire, Flip, and European brands Yama, Antiz, Cliché, Palace, Blueprint and many more featured in this one of a kind exclusive Skateboarding session!

50’000 Euro Prize Money up for grabs! 

Sponsored by Monster Energy Drinks

For more look... HERE

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Factory Fresh

Nick Hersey Installation

A couple of weeks ago the Crew hit an old factory. 
An almost untouched space and asking for some graffiti or an installation to brighten up it's drab interior.  Nick Hersey, one of the RDC Crew stepped up to the plate and put up two installations.

The first one is situated in a sunken bath. It consists of a glass mug half full of water and a plastic bag of water, both items are connected by a line of twine thrown over a roof beam and counter balance each other. Surrounding the bag which sits in a bath is numerous other plastic bag floating freely in a greasy liquid.

The second is situated on two square plinths, both free standing plinths are a metre square and stand independently of each other about three metres apart. On one plinth stands a ceramic georgian style figure and on the other is a  bulldog clip connected to a roofing tile; again both are counter balancing each other using a length of twine over a roof beam.

Hell, if that sounds to complicated just take a look... 

Glass jug and plastic bag with surrounding floating bags in a sunken bath.

Porcelain Figure, bulldog clip and tile connected with twine.

More images from the factory... HERE

Keepin Up With... Dave the Chimp

A quick quick mail (I want to go outside and skate) to let you
know of the next bunch of group shows I'm in.

1. Collection of 'Selim Varol' comes to Berlin.
Opens this Saturday.

 Got a big canvas in this one. This show has so much stuff it'll knock your socks off!
Worth a visit to Berlin for this one if you're a fan of street art and collectable toys.(Check out link at bottom of post)

2. 'DO  NOT THINK' comes to Milan, Italy.
Opens 5th June.

So the work I showed in Berlin and Wroclaw last year will be there, plus we should be building a new
skateable sculpture (fingers crossed, it's all a bit sketchy at the moment) and hopefully I'll have a new book available there too...
Fabbrica Del Vapore, Via Procaccini 4.

3. 'PUBLIC PROVOCATIONS' comes Carhartt Gallery in Weil am Rhein, Germany.
 Opens on Saturday June 9th.

Which reminds me, I got to order some picture frames!!!
Other artists include SatOne, The London Police, some stencil dudes,
blah blah. Can I go outside now please!?!

Thanks for listening, and have a great summer!


More 'Selim Varol' info... Here 

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Hang Outs... Atlanta, GA.

Skate It or Hang It?!
'The Evolution of Skateboard Art'

RDC: When our friend Charlie Owen got in touch and told us about this event we got really excited. For those of you who are into skateboarding, design and graphics - this is for you! 
Also get an eyeful of the promo vid at bottom of post...Thanks Charlie looks well cool!!

Hi RDCollectives
Looking forward to this one. 
The Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA) is set to host Skate It or Hang It?!

The Evolution of Skateboard Art, an exhibition examining the visual aspects skateboarding, centering heavily on skateboard graphics. 

The show opens on June 16, 2012.

A bit of a rundown on the exhibition:
With a broad focus on skateboard graphics—in particular the styles and methods used to embellish skateboard decks—the exhibition will appeal to a broad range of skateboarders, designers, artists and to Atlanta’s youth in general.

Visitors will come to understand skateboard graphics in a variety of ways, as Skate It or Hang It!? will include: A survey of skateboard art from the 1970s to the present day.

Original installations by Atlanta-based artists influenced by skateboard art Charlie Owens and Alex Brewer aka HENSE.

Educational activities in which children are invited to design and create their own skateboard decks.

Interviews with VCJ and Jim Phillips, along with personal appearances and art by Sean Cliver, Andy Howell, Wes Humpston, Lance Mountain, Michael Sieben, and Steve Olson.

Charlie O

More info on... HERE

Museum of Design Atlanta:
1315 Peachtree Street,  
Atlanta, GA 30309
Phone: 404.979.6455,   
Fax: 404. 856.5960

Monday, 21 May 2012

Street Shots... Australia

Doin The Streets With
Dean Sunshine


Found an amazing abandoned factory here, that has a serious amount of work in it. It will be demolished in the next month or so.

Slicer is the artist that is most prolific there, Kaffeine was out there a year ago.

For more go... HERE