Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Factory Fresh

Nick Hersey Installation

A couple of weeks ago the Crew hit an old factory. 
An almost untouched space and asking for some graffiti or an installation to brighten up it's drab interior.  Nick Hersey, one of the RDC Crew stepped up to the plate and put up two installations.

The first one is situated in a sunken bath. It consists of a glass mug half full of water and a plastic bag of water, both items are connected by a line of twine thrown over a roof beam and counter balance each other. Surrounding the bag which sits in a bath is numerous other plastic bag floating freely in a greasy liquid.

The second is situated on two square plinths, both free standing plinths are a metre square and stand independently of each other about three metres apart. On one plinth stands a ceramic georgian style figure and on the other is a  bulldog clip connected to a roofing tile; again both are counter balancing each other using a length of twine over a roof beam.

Hell, if that sounds to complicated just take a look... 

Glass jug and plastic bag with surrounding floating bags in a sunken bath.

Porcelain Figure, bulldog clip and tile connected with twine.

More images from the factory... HERE

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