Saturday, 19 May 2012

Factory Fresh

Another Factory Fined

The RDC Crew have been busy trackin in the urban jungle again. 

We followed leads from reliable sources to an old abandoned building in the heartland of Derbyshire. Our noses pointing the way like blood hounds and with our senses on full alert, we effortlessly blending in with the environment (oh just get on with it will you!). Apart from a few rattling spray cans (told yeh to bring those magnets) we managed to infiltrate this hanger like warehouse. 

To our surprise and luck it was in a relatively untouched state!
It's always nice to be one of the first visitors to a business that has long since been abandoned. In this case the place had been cleared apart from a few benches and tables. Also there was small but deep pool areas, almost like sunken baths with a hideous oily/watery substance hiding the bottom of the bath from view, these looked interesting!

The idea was to go in, do a few tags and as a gesture to the ominous baths one of the Crew Nick Hersey was going to set up and leave two installations for others to ponder over and enjoy!

More on the Nick Hersey installations in forth coming posts.

In the meantime check out what we saw...

About the time we can make the ends meet, somebody moves the ends.
Herbert Hoover

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