Saturday, 31 March 2012

App a Week

'Fruit Ninja' 
Category: Games

For use on:
⁍ iPhone
⁍  iPad
Video Demonstration

Fruit Ninja:
The idea of this un is to slice and dice the fruit as it appears on screen, using your finger as a knife. If you can hit more than one fruit per swipe, points are added to the total. You can also use numerous knives (doh, fingers!) to up your points and get bonuses. Occasionally bombs can be thrown into the basket, (so to speak), for more mega messiness!

A great way to release pent up stress by puncturing a pomegranate, mangling a melon or rearranging a raspberry. Ether way, it will get your juices flowing- argh no, all over the place!

From the book. 

On the screen
Closer look at the App here...
 To purchase the book go here...

Collaboration: Rad Dad Collective have hooked up with Taschen Publishing to bring you an 'App a Week.' The inspiration came when we received a copy of The App & Mobile Case Study Book from Taschen and we were well impressed! 


Keepin Up With... Phlegm

By Track and Road

thanks to Phlegm Comics and Global Street Art for the pics

Hang Outs... New York

Greetings art lovers!

Next up at Bold Hype Gallery is the very talented Beau Stanton's debut solo show in NYC, titled 'Archaic Ornaments'.  The Opening reception is Thursday April 12  6pm - 9pm. The artist will be present. Hope we see you there!

Running from: 12th of April till 5th of May 2012

Unearthing ancient narratives from the detritus of industrial decline, where Sirens grapple with sinking ships and Sibyls predict cataclysmic events, Beau Stanton gilds his apocryphal myth with the graphical elements of creation, destruction and rebirth, inviting the viewer inside our collective unconscious ornamented by layers of chipped artifice and the rusted machinations of time.

547 W 27th St, 5th floor
New York, NY 10001 

Friday, 30 March 2012

Flesh Cut Fridays With Luci Westphal

Brooklyn, and all of New York City, is blooming early this year. Just in time for my 100th (one-hundredth) 1-minute video*.

The cherry blossoms I already filmed two weeks ago; the tulips are the latest bloomers and are closing out the video to kick off the full spring flower season. A personal highlight are always the bright yellow forsythia bushes. My mom says they were just in bloom when I was born.

This season is usually a very special time to me; when the ground and trees are still brown and grey without grass or leaves - but the early bloomers are reminding us of hope, rebirth and a new beginning.
Again this year we can say: it wasn't depression, it was just the season. 

For me there has been much sadness in the last 10 days. So I'm looking forward to happier days and moments in the sun and hold dear the good times.

I would like to give you this bouquet of flowers and wish you all a perfect day or even just a perfect moment - with blue skies, sunshine and flowers. Enjoy what you have while you do.

Last but not least: thank you all of for watching 100 episodes or just one. If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be making these videos.

New T's... Vikings of Skate

Eh... you never heard of um? Well now's the time to find out more.

Al started skating bowls a few decades ago and it wasn't till recently, with the help of his graphic designer wife, they decided to produce some ace tees. We took a few out to a skate spot to do a shoot and they attracted some attention. If it's anything to go by, the guys on the park were asking where to get hold of um and after dishing out a few stickers and hand shakes, the promise of the tees gaining in popularity certainly look bright from where we were standing.

Get up to date on the thread designs below...

For more fab fabric on show go... HERE

Thursday, 29 March 2012

On the ROAD

Qualifiers For NASS 2012

NASS is coming up soon, but the qualifiers for the event are coming up sooner.  

With prize money on the up and far more interest than last year, the 2012 event is proving to be the best yet. Skate Comps, BMX and Filming Comps are just a few things to get your adrenaline juices flowing,  

It's time to kick it up a notch - so if you think you are up for the challenge of the comp or you just wanna go along and support... get your orbs on the Dates and Venues below!

City - Edinburgh
Venue - Transgression Park
Date - 14th April
Purse - £1000
Entry Fees - £10
North England:
City - Liverpool
Venue - Rampworx
Date - 28th April
Purse - £2000
Entry Fees - £15

Northern Ireland and Ireland:
City - Belfast
Venue - T13 Urban Sports Academy
Date - 12th May
Purse - £1000
Entry Fees - £10

West and South West England:
City - Bristol
Venue - Motion Ramp Park
Date - 9th June
Purse - £1000
Entry Fees - £10
All England Qualifiers:
City - Corby
Venue - Adrenaline Alley
Date - 16th June
Purse - £1000
Entry Fees - £12.50

For more, hit... HERE

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Keepin Up With... Shok-1

New Work

Shok-1 just got in touch to show you his new mural X-Ray Studies
Thanks Shok, ace work!

Flesh Cuts

 Three For View

Craola @ South Bay Customs
 Edit: Juxtapoz

The Ranger Series - Omaha, Nebraska
 Edit: Sherogn

The Science of Imaginary Solutions - Behind the Scenes
Edit: Juxtapoz

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Off The Shelf

The Best BMX Bikes of All Time
Authors: Gavin Lucas and Stuart Robinson
Publisher: Laurence King

Two wheels are just two wheels right? Wrong, bikes have come along way since they became a replacement for the horse, back in the day. Development has come thick and fast especially from the 1970's to present day. Along with Skateboarding, BMX - Bicycle Moto X(X said as cross) took off in skate parks and empty pools. Parks then sprung up everywhere in the western world to serve the BMX and Skate scenes. Eventually tracks were build and BMX bikes came into their own with their small wheels and frames which proved stronger and move chuckable. 

Apart from a few slumps in popularity in the past, it is now thriving in a big way. So we think now is the  perfect time for the publisher Laurence King to bring out this book and look back at the development and transformation of our small wheeled friends!

Quote from the text:
"These bikes recall good times past or realize a childhood dream of having a particular previously unobtainable model. In this book we remove the riders from the picture and let the bike themselves take centre stage".

Lets go internal...

To get the low down, go on Logo

Street Shots

Factory Fresh
The Old Dye Works

Part 2 of 2
We sat down with our friend and graffiti artist ******(we can't say their name) recently and they mentioned a disused Dye Works that maybe of interest to the Collective. This factory first opened in the late 1870's and stayed open till 2007. They then started to demolish the site but ran out of funds, so piles of bricks, deep holes and debris litter this interesting yet macabre spot!
They also said there was a lot of cool graffs and skate spots kicking around the site along with some wicked buildings to explore. Well, you know us, we just couldn't say no, we had to go!
Check out what we saw below...

 ☀We couldn't believe our eyes when we came across this statement, on what once was an internal toilet wall?
"Racism isn't born, folks, it's taught. 
I have a two-year-old son. You know what he hates? Naps! End of list".
Denis Leary