Saturday, 3 March 2012

Flesh Cuts With Luci Westphal

There are about 2100 bridges in Berlin - crossing streets, train tracks, and waterways. For this 1-minute video I wanted to show you just a few special bridges crossing the Spree River (and its side arm) and the Landwehrkanal.

The Oberbaumbrücke in the beginning is probably most people's favorite Berlin bridge and I'm thinking it deserves its own video one day. I filmed that one the previous week when my mom and I went to film the East Side Gallery.

On Monday, under grey skies, I went back out to finally find Berlin's oldest remaining bridge: the Jungfernbruecke (Maiden's Bridge), which also led me to discover the Gertraudenbridge (or Rat Bridge as I like to refer to it).

Unfortunately some bridges filmed couldn't make it into the video. Of course, there are hundreds of beautiful bridges I didn't even film at all. 

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