Monday, 30 May 2011

Hang Out...Gold Coast, Australia

‘Homage to Frida’Group Show
Opens this Saturday night from 6 – 8pm

With works from 26 strong emerging artists, live music performed by Mariachi band ‘PAPITUY’ and tequila to quench the thirst.

Please come along to this free event and celebrate the spirit of Frida Kahlo !

Flesh Cuts

Gruesome Twosome
Not really, there quit good.

Zach Rockstad spraying at Marginal Way
Edit: Artprimo

Clout Panco Pacheco Ad
Edit:planetx Skateboards

Street Shots

Factory Funkin 2

More graffs and cool juxtapositions between textures of brick, peeling paint and dank surfaces...oh damn just have a butchers☋

From a disused factory that's seen better days in Sheffield UK.

☀Also includes a Phlegm full colour "early" work!☀

☀Phlegms work from a few years ago (in Colour).

Phlegms work from a few years ago (in Colour).☀

Keepin Up With...Phlegm

Alpha Zine

Last month i was sorting through some of my lettering to make up the word phlegm for the header on this blog, and i realised i was pretty close to having the whole alphabet. So this week I've sat down and done the last few and started screen printing it as a small a6 book. The next issue of my comic is taking a while so i figured it would be nice to do this in the mean time.
Here is the test print for the cover. Silver and metallic navy ink on black card. Its going to take a while to screen print all the inside pages but i hope to have it all done by the end of June.

Thanks to Phlegm for text and images.

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Off The Shelf

June 11 Edition

Woop...Juxtapoz has hit the stands and with a devil ridin a surf board on the cover, the mind
boggles as to what's happening inside...lets take a look.

The cover 'Surf or Die' by Don Ed Hardy is one of the artists featured in the mag, along with The History of American Graffiti (the title we reviewed not so long ago), Sage Vaughn, Marnie Weber, Bread and Puppet and much more...

Graffiti Revolution: The making of The American Graffiti.
Jux talks to Roger Gastman and Caleb Neelon about the compiling of the book and amount of memorabilia they had to wade through to get to the end product, an interesting read especially if you have seen how thick the book is. Take a look at our review at the bottom this post.

Marnie Weber: An exploration of her art, collage, music, stage performance and her belief in ghosts

We also noticed they have a "Background" box as a new feature with their interviews.
Full of the multi-coloured style and charisma that we've come to expect from Jux, it doesn't disappoint!

The History of American Graffiti Review...Here.

Flesh Cuts

Sleeping on a Stairway

Check this un...real sweeet!!
Thanks to James.

Q and Craver's Excellent Journey

Friday, 27 May 2011

Off The Shelf

Big Eye Art
Blonde Blythe and Jasmine Becket-Griffith
Publishers: Merrell

Everyone likes eyes don't they, these orbs are the windows to the soul, or so they say??

So let's talk eyes then, they are focal points in most art, from animals to portraits, weird things from the blue lagoon and every imaginary image in between, so are they important- we think so!

This is why we are reviewing an older book (2008), but one that should exist in your collection...a virtual eye-opener in orbital art images (try saying that fast)☋

"Big eye"art was introduced and was a phenomenon of the 1950's by artists like Margaret Keane and Gig they drew sweet illustrations of young waifs and strays, their art attracted a cult following. Things have changed now you get gothic lolitas, witches, demons, cult dolls, fearsome felines and other mythical concoctions leap out at you from this compelling book.

Author and illustrator Blonde Blythe (Toni Boozer) was into dolls and art and decided to combine the two. Now painting big eyed characters like mermaids, pin up girls, doll-like fairies. She is in the book along with the other artists listed below.

Abril Andrade
Sherri Balady
Jasmine Becket-Griffith
Misty Benson
Lindsay Cormier
Dennis Finley
Carrie Hawks
Noelle Hunt
Mark Gleason
And there's more...another 12 artists to be exact.

So if your scanning the horizon for some excellent eye candy then don't delay, get along to Merrell Publishing for more bottom of post.

For prices and more, go on logo.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Hang Outs...Leonard Street, London

Get there tonight, to see somethin different!

Thursday 26th May, 6pm

pic courtesy pf pure evil

Meet the artist Isaac..
click to increase size

108 Leonard Street
City of London EC2A 4XS
020 7729 2866

Hang Outs...Melbourne, Australia

Show featuring Rone June 17th – June 26th

The Stranger in the Street by Rone


Hang Outs...Los Angeles

SUNDAY, JUNE 5, 2011

MOCA’s biggest family celebration of the year features gallery tours by expert kids, hands-on activities, entertainment, and more!

Create art inspired by William Leavitt: Theater Objects. Draw, write, listen and make sounds in an outdoor art environment with sets provided by the Center Theater Group, writing activities led by 826LA, and sound activities led by the experimental arts organization the wulf.

Enjoy live music by Quarteto Nuevo!

Participate in interactive gallery tours and activities led by
Contemporary Art Start (CAS) students.

INFO 213/621-1745

MOCA Grand Avenue
250 South Grand Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90012