Friday, 13 May 2011

We've Been Down...But We're Back Up...

Blogger Out of Action??

Our friends at Blogger have been doing some maintenance on the site recently but due to data corruption during this delicate operation things were shut down and we had to shelve posts for the pass 20 hours... Dang.

However, using our crack team of reporters we managed to infiltrate the Blogger compound and get some pics of the maintenance goin on.

Them button cams are so handy...

Couple more screws and we're in the mainframe!

Well this is one of the faults, a herd of red deer are livin in here...

A couple of hits with the yellow hammer will put it rite.

Hang on don't seal it yet, we got the yellow screw driver but where the hell are the blue pliers?

Time for a break, you want a cookie?

Are you sure this is how you put the server panels back on?

Yep that's sorted it we're back online...lets go hav a brew.

Ha ha, sorry Blogger we're only kiddin, we love ya really!

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