Saturday, 21 May 2011

Hang Outs... Culver City, CA

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The beginning of our year was an aggressive visual presentation of illustrative, street, surreal and aPOPalyctic art with solo exhibitions by Alex Pardee, Luke Chueh, Henry Lewis, Adam Wallacavage and D*Face. Now we move further into Spring with a more lyrical display of sensual and fantasy art with Flight and Fable, an exhibition of new works from notable emerging artists from the New Fine Art Movement, Sarah Folkman and Krista Huot, plus a mini salon exhibition in the upstairs gallery by renowned California painter, Isabel Samaras. The doors open at 7PM and we'll begin a three-hour mini-print giveaway with 6" X 8" giclee prints on archival fine art paper from each artist to continue our mission of spreading the appreciation of this amazing new art movement with a series of free prints, now quickly becoming sought-after collectibles in their own right (more details on the free prints in the attached evite). For those who unfortunately can't attend this evening, you can request online previews of the entire exhibition . I look forward to seeing everyone tonight! Best, Jan

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