Sunday, 8 May 2011

Off The Shelf

Get Out Your Pennies
The May Juxtapoz has Dropped!

May's delectable edition has a gastronomy of colours, photos, and articles to satisfy your insatiable optical appetite.
With the cover brandishing a pizza on a plate nestled on a bed of flowers thanks to Eric Yahnker, this copy proves to be a treat for the senses.

So, lets take a look inside...

☀Hilary Pecis interview-lookin at her college days using a X-acto knife and glue sticks and up to date graphic design tools.
☀The Old Boy's Club-nothing to do with rugby and the houses of parliament!
☀Sarah Frost- her fascination with computer keyboards.
☀Imaginary Foundation-a Face Book chat to the members of a group that specialise in paintings that astro-collide between Science and art.

...and so much more.

For more optical recipe ideas look...Here.

No artificial colours, additives or preservatives were used in the making of this publication...or were they?

images taken with Nokia N8

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