Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Hang Outs...Nottingham, UK

Cuadros Gallery

A few words from our friend George and his gallery in the Robin hood...

Two of my artists are providing some new and an innovating pieces and we have something very special.....Welcome the fabulous Bob Robinson who will be joining the team over the next few weeks. Bob, from Irish decent, has lived in Nottingham practically all his adult life. He is an acclaimed artist known all over the world! To be honest, the works are slightly crazy, slightly off the wall (to say the least), incredibly surreal however you must look beyond the content, the detail and narrative is truly stunning! Bob will be offering a select number of originals to the gallery. A limited number is available due to his annual show in Austria at the hugely famous ‘Treadwell Galleries’. Bob is certainly one of the greatest Nottingham exports!! I’m really proud to be working with this artist!!

The second instalment for the month is work by the exceptionally talented Mr Oliver Shaw. Oliver is one of a group of fantastic street artists that have been attracting the attention of international art buyers and critics. His style is flamboyant and surreal, with references to Basquiat and Pollock! Five new original works will be on display towards the end of next week.

And finally, you may have come across the vandalized bus shelter that has been adorning my gallery window of late disguised as the fabulous glass figurative sculpture ‘Emily’. London based sculptor Steve Yates will be delivering a new range of free standing and suspended ‘papier mache’ sculptures to the gallery mid month. Excuse the poor images, in the flesh they are absolutely stunning, contemporary in style and beautifully executed!

More on Oliver Shaw...Here.
More on Steve Yates...Here.

George Thornton


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