Friday, 28 June 2013

Hang Outs... Maryland, Virgina

2013 Richmond Mural Project

End of July – Painting of Murals
TBD – Reception with musical performances with all the artists in attendance

Art Whino, returns to Richmond, VA to continue with last year’s greatly successful Richmond Mural Project.  Art Whino will curate another edition of murals with eight to twelve of the top muralists from around the world.  This second project will build on the twenty three previously created murals and will add another twenty throughout the city, bringing the number of murals to forty three upon completion.

The Richmond Mural Project is a yearly event with the goal of creating over 100 murals by world renown talent in the first 5 years alone. The recurrence and solidification of the project throughout this time will establish Richmond as a landmark destination for internationally recognized murals and will create exposure for the city, establishing it as a premier art destination.  By concentrating a large number of murals throughout the city the project will increase tourism and will bring the much needed “Feet on the Street” which will help local business thrive.  Along with this mission there are many additional benefits that these murals will bring to the city of Richmond.  These murals will serve as positive catalysts for change by specifically placing them in areas that are in disrepair. These environments include neighborhoods with abandoned buildings and low foot traffic, areas with high crime, and newly developed areas in need of identity.

For Tons more on the Project go... HERE

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Keepin Up with... Alice Pasquini

Rome Hit


Here is a new piece in an abandoned place in Rome.  It's dedicated to friendship and support among women, for all friends who are there for each other in moments of difficulty.

~ Alice

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Street Shots... Sheffield, UK

Doin the Business in Sheffield 

With Fiona Milne



 Boms and CoLor

 Kid Acne, finish on Thursday, dogged on Saturday... shame!


Nothing will work unless you do.

Monday, 24 June 2013

Flesh Cuts

Three For View

Tugs Time Lapse 2013
Edit by: Tugs Oner

Kilan Martin: Altered Route (A Skate Film)
Edit by: mb

Dirtydog BCN Crew
Edit by: Films With Style

Street Shots

Yarn Bomb Us!

Get your needles out we are goin bombing.

We can across a great selection of wool on a walk over the weekend, with brilliant bees, delightful daffodils, lush ladybirds and plush pigs - a real stimulation for the senses!

Feel it...


Saturday, 22 June 2013

Off The Shelf

Street Art London
Author: Frank Stream 156 Malt
Publisher: Dokument Press

A pleasant handful this one...

As you know London is a hot spot for graffiti in the UK. Everyone who is anyone can generally be found painting on walls, tagging on doors or slappin up stickers in this vibrant City. Global street art stars like Banksy, Alice Pasquini, Obey, Mr Brainwash, Roa and Ron English are just a small number of people to bomb the back streets of the big smoke.

If you are like us and haven't got the time to scot around endless avenues for the illusive Phlegm or Pez piece, then you will appreciate the editors that put this little beauty together. This book offers an ace collection and execution of the still photography which shows us images of our favourite art, has a chat about the artist and tells us the area it can be found (E1, W12, EC1 for example). What more could you ask.

Bit from the Book:
The streets of London are not actually paved with gold but their walls are decorated with the liveliest, freshest, coolest street art in the world. Full of unique quotes from the artists, Street Art London is a eminent opportunity to find the cream of the crop and to be inspired by and acquainted with the street artists of London.

So yeh see it's time to save the shoe leather and splurge on a publication - it will delight your visitor's if it's left on the coffee table as well...

More on the Logo

Friday, 21 June 2013

RDC Studios

New Painting For Sale

Every now and then one of the Crew here at RDC get an urge to hit the canvas. 'Daisy' is in celebration   of the arrival of summer, at least we think so... dang, we're did that friggin sun go?

A better look at the painting can be seen in the RDC Studios on our weby, or get up close and personal at Baby Blue Coffee Shop on Saddlergate in Derby, UK - were it hangs out.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Flesh Cuts

Three For View

Jessica Sabogal
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Ditch Diggers - Spot Liberation Federation
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 Sofles - Infinite
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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Street Shots and Show... Melbourne, Australia

Juddy Roller
At New Hunting Ground Gallery
With Dean Sunshine

Opens Friday 21st June 2013

New Hunting Ground Gallery
Corner of Johnson and Chapel St Fitzroy
Melbourne, Australia

More from the Shine... HERE

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Street Shots

Graf Lab/Dye Works... Part Two
With Fiona Milne

So, a few months ago I spoke to a friend of mine about the Graff Lab and they said it wasn't worth a visit, but we  knew that Angryface had been there, so we just had to go....
How wrong they were! This site is amazing and the majority of work there is just awesome. Frustratingly with not being local to this area, we didn't know many of the artists other than our hero Angryface, with his largest piece to date, the wonderful Tekonta Secta and the stunning Boaster so apologies for the lack of shouts.
We were at this place for ages, it's huge and there is piece after quality piece everywhere you go. We were like kids let loose in a sweet shop! There are areas where floors and rooves are a bit dodgy, to say the least, so be aware! We know we missed a few bits so we'll just have to go back for another look, but it's not really worth a visit at all ;)

Pics below include work by Hersoid, Boaster and Bideo which are sprays I recognise...


See Part One... HERE

Friday, 14 June 2013

Keepin Up With... Dave the Chimp

 Bakerz Dozen Show in Portland, Oregon

 4th of July 2013


Super stoked to be in this show in Portland, Oregon, with Chris Johanson, Michael Sieben, Big Foot, and a bunch of other rad folk.

Super stoked to make a graphic for Bwana's "Bearturd" board company. Super stoked that these boards are made in America by people who know what a skateboard is!

And super stoked that 10% of sales money from sales goes towards concrete for the Powell Street skate park!!!


As well as the decks, they'll also be showing the original art, and a bunch of other nice stuff from all these amazing artists. And grilling tofu for the barefoot hippies. YOU CAN'T LOSE!



"You don’t quit skating because you get old - you get old because you quit skating" 

Jay Adams