Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Street Shots... Sheffield, UK

Doin the Business in Sheffield
With Fiona Milne

 Gzos and Jaer

To say it's busy in Sheffield at the moment is something of an understatement. Here's a quick round up of recent events. Kid Acne has been busy with his art fags (cigs) and french artist KRSN paid a visit to the city with him.

Gzos and Jaer recently completed an epic production based on The Warriors. You need a good few minutes to stand in front of it and take it all in.

Bubba 2000 has been out and about with a variety of stencils and paste ups, the leaping boy is my personal favourite.

Fauna Graphic and Foundry Art created this wonderfully surreal collaboration called 'Chariots of the Gods'.

A certain derelict building became open for business, not the business it had been built for, but some fantastic artwork which will feature more in my next post. But for a taster get a load of this wall with gorgeous pieces by Angry Face and Mila K.

Pawski and Mace worked their magic on a glorious Matrix wall that is an absolute jaw dropper.

This character by Mars is probably my most favourite of his, but he is really quite prolific at the moment and the standard of his pieces is superb.

New to the street art scene in Sheffield are Nymph and Coloquix. Nymph is very nature based with her designs, can't wait to see what she does next.  Coloquix pieces are increasingly complex studies of ladies and cats in a very distinctive style.


Kid Acne and KRNS

 Fauna Graphic and Foundry Art

Angry Face and Mila K




 Pawski and Mace


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