Friday, 14 June 2013

Keepin Up With... Dave the Chimp

 Bakerz Dozen Show in Portland, Oregon

 4th of July 2013


Super stoked to be in this show in Portland, Oregon, with Chris Johanson, Michael Sieben, Big Foot, and a bunch of other rad folk.

Super stoked to make a graphic for Bwana's "Bearturd" board company. Super stoked that these boards are made in America by people who know what a skateboard is!

And super stoked that 10% of sales money from sales goes towards concrete for the Powell Street skate park!!!


As well as the decks, they'll also be showing the original art, and a bunch of other nice stuff from all these amazing artists. And grilling tofu for the barefoot hippies. YOU CAN'T LOSE!



"You don’t quit skating because you get old - you get old because you quit skating" 

Jay Adams

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