Sunday, 16 June 2013

Street Shots

Graf Lab/Dye Works... Part Two
With Fiona Milne

So, a few months ago I spoke to a friend of mine about the Graff Lab and they said it wasn't worth a visit, but we  knew that Angryface had been there, so we just had to go....
How wrong they were! This site is amazing and the majority of work there is just awesome. Frustratingly with not being local to this area, we didn't know many of the artists other than our hero Angryface, with his largest piece to date, the wonderful Tekonta Secta and the stunning Boaster so apologies for the lack of shouts.
We were at this place for ages, it's huge and there is piece after quality piece everywhere you go. We were like kids let loose in a sweet shop! There are areas where floors and rooves are a bit dodgy, to say the least, so be aware! We know we missed a few bits so we'll just have to go back for another look, but it's not really worth a visit at all ;)

Pics below include work by Hersoid, Boaster and Bideo which are sprays I recognise...


See Part One... HERE

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