Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Gettin to Know...

Mario Oleari and JAIX

RDC: An Italian artist from Modena, Mario uses his faithful dog Jaix to inspire his work. He can be seen out on the spray or on a sticker slap with Jaix in tow, giving his stamp of approval. 'A true diamond in the ruff' you could say!

Mario says:

My work retraces a tendency to present hyper-normalised pieces of art to immerse myself in the everyday urban experiences. According to a kind of homoeopathic treatment of triviality, my dog JAIX is an obsessive inspiration, he becomes iconic, synthetic and is multiplied in an enlarged succession of pieces.  According to graphic processing he becomes a logo and that helps me to be creative and inspired to be put my art everywhere.


It's Pissin down...


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