Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Off The Wall

Say Hey to the Buff Monster

The legendary Buff has a show at Stolen Space Gallery in London till the 29th of May, we managed to meet up and fire some questions at him.

RD: Could you tell us where you’re from please?

Born and raised in Hawaii. I’ve lived in LA for the last 13 years or so.

RD: Why Buff Monster?

I came up with that name after I quit painting graffiti but still cared about it.

RD: What is your preferred media and are you self-taught?

I like painting with acrylic paint and a brush. Big or small, that’s my favorite. I went to college for art, but my technique is self-taught.

RD: How did your art start, was it on the streets tagging?

I started painting graffiti on my 16th birthday. That was a while ago. Then I gave up graffiti and started putting up posters and flattened spray cans with characters drawn on them. Then I put up a bunch more posters.

RD: Your well into pastel shades in particular pink, what is the explanation for this and did you experiment with more vibrant colours before settling on the pastels?

They’re not pastel.

RD: We noticed you have help painting your outside murals and in door work, are these people trained artists in their own right and how valuable is reliable help to an established artist?

There are a few people that regularly help me, mostly my girlfriend, Stephanie. I could do it all, of course, but it’s much more fun and much faster to have help. Having a few reliable people helping means I don’t have to get stressed about finishing a wall or a painting; I know it’ll get done on schedule.

RD: Are you sponsored by a spray company, and does your art work manage to support your life style comfortably?

No sponsors. I make my living selling art.

RD: Marshmallows or macaroons?

I like Marshmallows.

RD: What exhibitions have you got coming up please?

Well the show I just set up at StolenSpace gallery on Brick Lane is the one people should go see. I’m really happy with how it all turned out.

RD: Would you like to thank anyone Dude?

I think I sufficiently thank everyone that should be thanked in person, but here are some people that have helped me a lot recently: Jan, Bruce and Richard from Corey Helford Gallery, D*Face, Beth and Leon from StolenSpace Gallery, my lovely girlfriend Stephanie. I’m very grateful for the people that help me do what I do. And, of course, I gotta thank the fans and collectors for their support too! We’re all in this together.

Thanks for your time Dude, hope everything goes well at the Stolen.
Buff Monster site...Here.
Stolen Space Gallery...Here.

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