Sunday, 22 May 2011

Off The Shelf

Faith 47
Publishers: From Here to Fame

Well well well, look what we got here!
We finally managed to get a copy of Faith's book and wow it was worth the wait.

As you open the book, you get propelled on a vibrant visual jouney, a full colour head on collision with the pages.

What the hell are they takin about, you may ask... Faith is an extraordinary talent establishing herself, in the beginning as a street artist and building on her can skills. From top stylish fonts to illustrations on cars, buildings, walls and panels worldwide.
Using her South African roots as inspiration for her art she now has shows in galleries throughout the globe.

It's a small book with a big heart, loads of pictures and just a short intro to each chapter looking at her work in areas like:
Cape Town
South africa
and Faith's Studio

A self taught artist, Faith 47 proves to be an inspiration to all of us who knows how much practice goes into gettin the precision of the spray to a fine art!

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