Thursday, 19 May 2011

Hang Outs...Sevilla, Spain

☀We roughly translated the message below☀

Clearly, we like to have a narrative line, but expose Mariajosé Gallardo is for us an honor and a privilege.
A long time ago we wanted to work Mariajosé, but when we saw the new work in his studio, something stirred within us, we could not find words to describe whatwe were witnessing.

Altarpieces, Baroque, old and new, coats, objects of worship, biblical episodes,psicokillers, funeral prayers, military look, ornament ... these are just words meant to evoke the paintings of Mariajosé, but it will not be possible only throughlanguage.
Let alone his career, his resume or his way of life, she is an artist that no longerexist, if anyone is wondering where it will Mariajosé at this time as we talk about it and ramble about his work, the answer is clear In his study working.
Mariajosé Gallardo, owns us.

* According to Plutarch in his "Parallel Lives", the first time that Julius Caesar came to Africa had the misfortune to stumble and fall to the ground just landed. With great presence of mind, Cesar got over the accident and immediately got up and said,"Teneo te, Africa"("I have you, Africa), thus implying that it was not an accidental fall, but rather an act Volunteer with which symbolized that had taken possession oft he land.

See you on May 26 from 21:00 in Perez Galdos, 1AC (Alfalfa Area) for the official opening of Te Teneo

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