Thursday, 17 May 2012

NASS Park Update...

Park Design Sorted

RDC: Relentless has been in touch, they have finalized the design for the skate park at NASS and who will be throwin down tricks at the event so far! Also the Collective have been invited to report on the low downs at the event on the day, so keep um peeled for details as we get closer to the time...

3,000 pieces of paper scrapped, 800 pencils broken, 300 Espresso’s and a broken wrist have gone into the all new 2012 Pro Park Design and the end result shows it has all been worth it!

Designing a Professional Park Course for an event like Relentless Energy Drink NASS it is not an easy task - factoring in preferences of skateboarding, BMX and Inline and coming up with a layout and plan that can bring the most out of all athletes. There are a few new exciting additions like the huge jump box, a sweet spine and 2 huge walls of quarters on either side with a mix of curves, bends and banks which will open the door for the those BMX mad boys to let lose. For the World Cup Skate contingent there is a huge pyramid, a number of lengthy rails, various sets of stairs and snug wall rail to keep things interesting.

Skaters Male:                                
Adam Paris    UK                           
Alex Hallford    Uk
Andy Scott     UK
Arbel Samsonov    Uk
Ben Grove    UK
Ben Grove    UK
Braulio Sagas    Chile
Carl Wilson    UK
Chris Ault    UK
Chris Oliver    UK
Colin Adam    UK
Denis Lynn    UK
Diego Fiorese    BRZ
Douwe Macare    NED
Ewan Bower    UK
Greg Nowik    UK
Jake Collins     UK
Jed Cullen    UK
John 'Beanhead' Coppen    UK
Josh 'Manhead' Young    UK
Kelvin Hoefler    BRZ
Marc Churchill     UK
Phil Zwijzen    BEL
Rianne Evans    UK
Rob Smith    UK
Sam Bosworth     UK
Sam Pulley    UK
Stu Graham    UK
Thaynan Costa    POR
Tim Zom    NED
Tom Fachiri    UK
Tom Lawson    UK
Trevor Johnson     UK

Skaters Female:
Chihiro Uchida

Miho Kazama
Ayumi Watanabe

Alex Coleborn    UK
Alex Kennedy     UK
Angus Gough    UK
Ben Hennon     UK
Ben Lewis     UK
Ben Wallace    UK
Bengo     UK
Bj√∂rn Mager    GER
Brad McNicol    UK
Bob Manchester    UK
Dan Lacey     UK
Daniel Juchatz    GER
Daniel Sandoval    USA
Greg Illingworth    RSA
Francis Wright    UK
Kacper Kwiter    UK
Kevin Perraza     MEX
Kyle Baldock     AUS
Jack Clark    UK
Leandro Moreira    BRZ
Leon Perkins    UK
Lima    UK
Luke Padget    UK
Mark Webb    UK
Markus Braumann    GER
Matt Priest     UK
Mike Miller    UK
Pat "Big Daddy" Laughlin     USA
Pat Casey    USA
Paul Ryan    UK
Phil Larkin    UK
Phil Demattia    UK
Ricky Moseley    USA
Ryan  Cunliffe    UK
Ryan Taylor     UK
Scott Ditchburn    UK
Sergej Geier    GER
Shaun McCracken    UK
Stewart McBoyle    UK
Tobias Wicke    GER
Todd Meyn    AUS

Take a 3D Tour of the park.

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