Thursday, 3 May 2012

NASS Qualifiers 2012

ROAD TO NASS – Liverpool Skate Jam 
1st May 2012 Roundup

Stop 2 of the 'Road to Relentless Energy Drink NASS' Skate Series was held at Huyton Park, Liverpool this weekend. Head Judge Nic Powley gives the round up.

Amidst flash flood warnings and hideously bad weather somehow Liverpool stayed dry all day for us to run the jam.  I'd never been to the Huyton park before but I'd heard nothing but good things about it and it's even better than it looked on Youtube!  When I Got pulled up in the car park I was stoked to see Scotty and Reiss Johnson had shown up but more impressed with the car load of Scots that had decided to make a weekend of it.  Rab was pure comedy genius on the mic even though the local Scousers struggled to understand the Scottish abuse at times.

The under 16's was a very mixed affair but even those who performed the most basic of moves were rewarded with stickers and product for their efforts.  The two standouts however were Charlie Birch (renamed Chaz for the day by Rab) and Sharkey. Charlie's a regular at events and stuff so it was no surprise to see him ripping as usual, his brother was also there on filming duties for the day. Sharkey was somewhat of a revelation though, this guy had talent and tech skills.  So much so that the Scots and everyone stopped skating the pool to witness.  I've got a feeling we'll all be seeing more of this kid over the coming years, he was properly rad not just kiddy rad!

It looked like it was about to chuck it down so we rushed into the sponsored bowl jam.  As expected the Scots were ripping - Paris, Aaron and Kerr all absolutely killed it.  Reiss battled with an Andrecht for a while but put it down for £20 in the end!  Scotty was as effortless as usual banging out big stale fishes and frontside airs in the deep, always a pleasure to watch.

Luckily the clouds passed over and we took it to the street section.  I"d dragged Nick Remon over with me for the day and he set about getting paid with his usual stupidity.  Huge f/s flips and hard flips on demand!  We rounded off the day with a session on the mini rampish section of the park where Scotty smashed out a feeble grind up and over the taco and Sharkey put together a flip run that didn't want to end.  Fittingly the last of the £500 prize purse went to Yuongo who built the park.

My stomach hurt on the way home thanks to Rabs excellent commentating.  Such a fun day!
Nick Powley

The next Road to Relentless Energy Drink NASS Skate Jam will be at T13, Belfast 12th May with a £500 prize purse and tons of great prizes up for grabs.

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