Monday, 27 June 2011

Off The Shelf

Watch Me Move
Editors: Greg Hilty and Alona Pardo
Publisher: Merrell - in association with the Barbican Art Gallery, London
Publication Date: 1st July 2011

It's hard work being an animator, with time and energy spent on the minute details in order to get every action and reaction in their characters to gell perfectly.

This book explores 150 years of history up to present day, featuring techniques such as hand-drawings, stop-motion, puppetry, computer animation and more experimental forms.
With earlier works like Felix the Cat, The Flintstones and Betty Boop to more resent pleasures like Astro Boy, Avatar and The Incredibles, with of course many more.

Interesting Chapters include:

☀Object, dream and Image in Animation
☀The Toolbox of Technology and Technique
☀Experiencing Animation

With loads of pictures and narrative it's worth a check, specially if your hiding in a box with nothing to do - don't believe us, just ask The Toy Story Crew

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