Saturday, 1 January 2011

Off The Wall

A View with Mr Penfold...

We first saw Mr P's work a few years back in a place called the Quad in Derby UK.

A Subism organised event, which featured Graff artists- people like Julie West, Deus and Fauna Graphic to name just a few.

Recently we finally managed to hang and chat...

RD: Hey dude, could you give us a bit of back ground on yourself please.-where you were bought up, where you live now, where you would like to live, your eye colour?

I was born 1987 in Cambridge, and i'm still here now. I've always had the plan to move away and live somewhere like Barcelona, Berlin, Amsterdam. But I love living here. Its nice to have a peaceful base to come home to after working abroad. Maybe one day I'll pick myself up and move.
my eye colour is Blue in the summer and Grey in the winter.

RD: Where did you get your distinctive graff style, have you trained professionally ?

When I was 12ish I got involved with the Bboy crew 'SINCRU', and this exposed me to people like SHOK1, SKORE and KILO. It was when i was about 15 I got into doing stickers and posters, and became aware of artist like TLP, FLYING FORTRESS, DFACE and PEZ. I think it's the combination of these peoples influence that have led to what I do now.
I didn't train or study art. I flunked my GCSEs and never went back into education.

RD: What media do you normally work in, and which ones do you hate?

I work mostly with paints and pens. I occasionally do computer illustrations for our Spoonfed flyers and a few others.
I'm not sure if I hate any medium. I think if you hate it, then you haven't mastered it, and you need to work harder!

RD: Which graffiti artist has had the most influence on the Uk scene do you think?

I don't think they're has been one individual artist. There's a few crews that are pushing things hard.

RD: Is there any cities in England that are lenient and receptive to graffiti artists in your experience. Or does every place have the usual clean up squad hiding behind a wall or bushes ready to scrub the place clean of paint?

There are a few places that have the right attitude towards public art in the UK, Manchester, Leeds, Nottingham to name a few. But everywhere has their buff squads and you can't do much about them.

RD: Where is your most fave City to do street graffin?

I've had lots of fun in lots of citys, But I haven't traveled enough yet. I think so far... Manchester had it going on. Lots of artist really pushing things there.

RD: Are you into vid games and if so, which ones your bestest?

Not really. I've got an xbox360 but I only own 1 game. Skate3.

RD: If you were going to own 1 game for 360 that is the one dude, ha ha.

RD: Kittens or cougars?

Are you referring to the animals, or to old ladies who snap up young men?

RD: Would you like to big anyone up dude?

Bigups to The Spoonfed Crew, the Subism Fam and Mrs Penfold.

RD: Its been a real treat man, thanks for coming along.

To get more of a visual with Mr P... Click on-...see this...

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  1. ...please to see this young man making a name for himself!

    kilo...SIN Cru / Sinstars