Thursday, 20 January 2011

Off The Wall

A Chat with Gigi

Meet Gigi a woman with many facets, from Embroidery to Fashion Design, Illustration and Installations and a whole lot more... but for now The Collective is focusing on her love of photography.

RD: Hey, how are you, could you tell us about yourself, where your from, when you were born, where your living now etc.

I am person with many sides. Much like a diamond, I have multiple planes that shine in various lights. All my life, I have been an ambitious person paving my way through Art, Fashion & Photography. My heritage originates from the Philippines, with roots from various cultures. I was born in Oakland, California on July 9, 1978. I currently live, breathe & create in Brooklyn, New York.

RD: Tell us what inspired you to do photography, and did you experiment with other media?

When I was younger, I was always referring to fashion magazines for faces & clothes to draw. I have always been intrigued by human nature & character. My love for fashion illustration later morphed into painting. I typically work from photographs or life. To rebel against using books & magazines for reference, I started taking my own photos for reference material for my paintings. In 2004, I moved to New York to pursue my fashion career & put art on the back burner until 2008. At age 29, I went through a personal renaissance. I started doing accessory design, fashion illustration, watercolor painting, street photography & digital photo collage. In all the mediums of art, I use everything I learned from painting from color, mass layering to composition in my current work. Today, I like to think I am painting with photos.

RD: What gave you the idea to deconstruct your photos and reconstruct them into a kind of mosaic- do you pick a focal point in the photo and take it from there?

My vision is all about finding order & balance in life. When I am in the streets, I use my heart, mind & intuition to capture each composition.

I am an observant person with a hyper sensitive eye for detail. In my work, I do work from one focal point, but each piece is a product of multiple perspectives. I am like a Bee who has has many eyes but in one point of view. When I observe the world, I see up, down, side & behind - in 3D like a sculptor. I am interested in capturing life in all shapes & senses.

RD: Would you call your type of picture, deconstructism, mosaic manipulation and is it only digital images you use?

I not a title person, however I call it Digital Photo Collage. When I first started the "Urban Reconstructionist" & "The Character Studies" series, it was mainly captured with a SLR Camera, now my work is created with a DSLR Camera & hand composed on Photoshop.

RD: There are so many good quality cameras on the market right now, which one do you prefer?

Honestly, the eye is more important than the camera. There are many great cameras out there, but I am not one to say what's best. I have a DSLR Olympus E-300 Evolt Camera which I've had over three years now.

RD: We understand your day job is a fashion designer, could you tell us about what your day would consist of and do you find fashion design influences your photography?

Currently, I am a freelance designer & art director. I've been handling the art side of fashion, mainly with print artwork. I am surrounded by multiple prints all day consisting of graphic, floral to abstract designs. There are many days where I spend many hours at work collaging prints together, so naturally I think of my own art. My career does influence me but I am more interested in life & the outside world. To marry my love for fashion & art, I created "The Character Studies" which is about capturing people of great style & strong character in their environments. Everything in my life is connected.

RD: What do you hate?


RD: With the insight of being a designer, what would be your most exciting thing to wear out on the street?(you can be as racy as you want-no holdin back...Ha ha)

I would wear anything from John Galliano, Vivienne Westwood or Hussein Chalayan.

RD: Have you got any exhibitions, installations planned for 2011?

I am having my 2nd solo show called "Biomorphic" at Art Whino Gallery in Washington DC from January 29 - Feb 16, 2011. In July, I will be having my first official show along with my brother, Leo Angelo Bio & sister, Grace Bio where we will be creating artwork as 8x10 Collective at DIS Micro Gallery in Brooklyn, New York. The rest of 2011 is yet to be discovered...

RD: Do you like hat on the head, or free flight hair?

I am free flight hair type of a woman with a couture hat collection.

RD: Would you like to thank anyone?

God, family, friends and all the inspiring people in my life & YOU!

Thats great, nice to meet you and keep smilin... "All the Best" from The Collective Team.

Cast an eye on this... GiGi

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