Saturday, 29 January 2011

Hang Outs... Gold Coast, Australia


Solo Exhibition:

Lying Under Trees

19th February–19th March2011

OpeningNight: Saturday19th February2011 6-8 pm

Picture: rolling hills of green, small valleys, bowing creeks, prehistoric water creatures and thick rainforest. This is the essence of Donna Sharam’s inspiration for her fourth solo show ‘Lying under Trees’ that will be exhibiting at 19 Karen.

Opening on Saturday 19th February Donna’s works are influenced greatly from the natural world around her and the beauty of Byron-bay’s hinterland where she lives and works from.

Donna says her works are about a new perspective; a different interpretation of trees and their metamorphic quality.

“I see the world in colour, shape and texture and ideas come from the way I view my world. I don’t have any problem acquiring new ideas – my only problem is not having enough time to paint them all,” she said.

Donna says to capture the ideas she could be seen around Byron Bay lying under trees with her sketch pad and pencil working away.

Using Matisse acrylic paints, lots of gesso, wax and oil pastels; Donna’s works are full of bold lines, patterns and mixed media textures that give her work a very strong, signature style.

Donna has a cabinet full of art awards and prizes due to her commitment and talent to her career as well as being featured regularly in Northern NSW & QLD newspapers and magazines.

Please join us to take a journey through the bold, charismatic and spirited solo show of Donna Sharam’s ‘Lying under Trees’.

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What a setting for a Gallery... Go See.

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