Monday, 24 January 2011

Off The Wall

Getting to know Alice

This lady knows where she is going, and knows what she wants!
A self assured woman, an attribute which shines through in her art, bold but meaningful, straight to the point, with colour enough to tell the story.

It's a pleasure to hook up with you Alice...

RD: Tell us where your from and where you live please and how long you've been an artist?

I am from Rome. Since I was a kid.

RD: Are you self taught?

No. My artistic background is Academic. I studied Fine Arts.

RD: What media do you use now and have you tried other media in the past ?

I am a multimedia artist. I specialized in old style animation and I worked as an illustrator and set designer. My tools are spray and posca.

RD: When your painting on the streets, what methods do you use and do the spots you graffiti influence the colours in your work?

I paint directly on the wall. Sometimes I use stencils, sometimes I paint directly by hand. The colours are influenced by the place, but as you can see I dont use so many colours.

RD: How do you feel Rome influences your works and do you feel the Roman authorities are a bit more lenient on street art because of the Italians age old love for design?

My taste is influenced by my culture. I can not say exactly how. But certainly I do not like pop culture.The authorities do not care about art. If you see them you better run in Rome as in any other part of the world.

RD: Could you tell us about the female inspirations in your art?

I am interested in female models different from street art cliche. I am often annoyed by female stereotypes proposed by artists where women are seen as sexual objects or cartoon heroines. I am seduced instead by real women, strong and independent women. In general, I am interested in the representation of human feelings.

RD: You also do set design, fill us in on that and what projects have you worked on recently?

This year I been working on a comics. On the 9st of February 2011 my graphic novel Vertigine will be released. In the book there are also photos of street works inspired by the main female characters of the story.

RD: Apples or apple pie?

banana split

RD: Would you like to say bye to folks?

that's all folks!

Its been great to chat Alice, keep doin what your doin... Thanks

Have a nosey... at Alice.

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