Saturday, 29 January 2011

Hang Outs... Gold Coast, Australia

Our Friends on the Aussie Coast have 3 Artists on Their Walls!

Get your readin glasses out and get stuck in...


Solo Exhibition:

I Dream in Celluloid

19th February–19th March2011

OpeningNight :Saturday19th February2011 6-8 pm

Artist Sarah Beetson invites you into her bedroom. Enter her head and explore her multi-dimensional, psychedelic lucid dreams. On Saturday 19th February 19 Karen will be transformed into the inner depths of Sarah’s meandering mind.

‘I Dream in Celluloid’ is Sarah’s fourth solo exhibition and will encompass 40+ works including a visual record of her dreams, a series of larger works on canvas, a short animation and a giant digitally printed, hand painted embellished quilt cover.

In these works Sarah’s subconscious tangles with the old films she watches, with her lovers, friends and family, and her flamboyant imagination to create a kaleidoscope of works full of vibrant colours, illuminated faces and pure surreal life.

Sarah says through studying and recording content of her dreams she is rediscovering memories from her childhood, her displaced identity and nationality, interactions with people and pets, both dead and alive through the past and present.

“I'm discovering facts about the essence of my existence via my subconscious, as I progress through the period of my twenties we call Saturn Returns,” she said.

Behind the multitude of Sarah’s work is an extremely dedicated artist whose track record demonstrates her compulsive need to create art.

British-born Sarah has had a career to brag about. Once graduated from Falmouth College of Arts, Cornwall, UK in 2002 where she won the Pentland Prize for Fine Art Sarah went on to work in fashion, illustration and design at Yellowdoor (Mary Portas), Pop and The Face magazines for 4 years. Whilst completing a 7 month print design internship at Stella McCartney she was commissioned by Stella herself to decorate walls of her Bruton Street shop.

Since then, Sarah has built a career as a freelance artist and illustrator exhibiting work throughout the world, has been documented in a wealth of books, and has been commissioned to work for clients such as The Times (UK), The Wall Street Journal, Ford Germany, St George Bank and Perth Fashion Week.

This show will open on Saturday 19th February from 6-8pm until the 19th March so don’t miss the chance get inside Sarah Beetson’s head and explore ‘I Dream in Celluloid’.

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