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Hang Outs... Gold Coast, Australia


Solo Exhibition:

Milk and Honey

19th February – 19th March 2011

OpeningNight: Saturday19th February 6-8 pm

If you haven‟t heard of Adelaide‟s renowned illustrator Dan Withey then you‟ve been hiding under a rock. As his name spreads and his shows go from sell out to sell out; 19 Karen is lucky enough to be hosting his eighth solo show on the 19th February titled „Milk and Honey.‟

Withey‟s talent has also been recognised by fellow artists. Melbourne‟s finest pop-artist, Dennis Ropar has taken Withey under his wing as well as purchasing 17 of Dan‟s works from his sell out show in Melbourne late last year

Dan feels, without self-proclaiming too much, that these are his best works yet.

“Most of my works are about a person or story or memory of mine like the scary bogan heroin addict I met at Hungry Jacks that I managed to distract with fries to make a quick get away,” he said.

„Milk and Honey‟ has been created in Dan‟s studio at his Adelaide home. Jotting ideas and inspiration down into a journal he is motivated by pop cult figures, conversations and the constant stimulation of the TV. Dan uses acrylic and spray paint on ply wood to create works of strong colour and detailed illustration that flesh out his ideas on globalisation and consumerism.

Throughout Dan‟s work the tribal, Native American influence is irrefutable. In his eyes their way of life represents something important that we have lost in our modern day world that has now been replaced with fear, paranoia and greed. The characters in his work represent his own personal desire to seek freedom from the mess that we have created.

Dan first started to paint 4 years ago after emigrating from England 2 years prior. While completing his Bachelor in Visual Communication at the University of South Australia, Dan was awarded first prize in the Design Institute of Australia student of the year awards in the Graphic Design category. His work has been published in Monster Children Magazine as part of the Mooks Art Space competition 2009 and he has also completed work for the Tour Down Under 2010 and many other Companies.

Though his family and girlfriend might nickname him „hermit‟ we here at 19 Karen are happy for Dan to hide away in his studio as long as he is creating his wonderfully refreshing art. An emerging artist to be reckoned with; Dan is completely committed to his career and this is your chance to own one of his work‟s while they still are affordable.

So join us and the artist on the 19th February from 6-8pm at 19 Karen to be part of Dan Withey‟s solo show „Milk and Honey‟ which will be exhibiting till the 19th March 2011.

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