Monday, 25 March 2013

Paint and Skate

Maple Street, Nottingham, UK

We were told about Maple Street by a few graff artists but never managed to get over there to get some shots, until now...

It started out life as a cool skate park with flat banks, mini ramp, a three metre wave and a couple of granite ledges. it has now been decorated by a whole bunch of artists as a constantly changing place to skate and paint. We gathered that it had been a prime legal spot to spray for a number of years now but after seeing the new bright yellow council sign saying 'No graffiti', we are beginning to wonder if it still is?

However,  there is plenty of spray in the old can yet as you can see below and a small sign saying no graffiti, sure isn't going deter anyone form having a go...

Maple Street,
NG7 6

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