Monday, 4 March 2013

Keepin Up With... Everfresh

 'News Letter'

Once again Pow Wow kicked off in Hawaii in February. This year saw Meggs, Phibs, Wonderlust & Rone over on the island painting and enjoying the aloha spirit that is Pow Wow.
Pow Wow has become somewhat of an Everfresh tradition with Meggs being involved in the festivities from it's inauguration in Hong Kong 4 years ago. The festival itself takes part in the industrial area of Honolulu called Kaka'ako, right next to Wikiki. Kaka'ako has been transformed from an industrial area into what's becoming Hawaii's creative hub.

Phibs and Meggs

This year saw a lot of large walls go down, and it really felt like all the crew involved really took things to another level. If you are following any of the studio guys in instagram you would of seen a some of the works unfolding.

Phibs and Meggs also teamed up on a huge production on the other side of Kaka'ako. The photo's don't really do the size and scale of this wall justice, the detail in the wall was on another whole level.

Rone & Wonderlust


Rone & Wonderlust worked on their largest wall together to date taking out the entire side of an old semi-disused building right on the edge of Kaka'ako.
Rone and Wonderlust went big with the name of the local area hoping it would become somewhat of a landmark for the community. Thanks to local legend Prime and 808Urban the guys had the help of the neighbourhood kids from the 808Urban workshop to help on the wall. A big thank you to the interns as well, especially Danny King Emma, Miku and Kamaka for all their help.

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