Monday, 11 March 2013

Gettin To Know...

Cherie Strong

I am a 38yr old Australian Artist, I live in S.E. Queensland and freelance from my Studio. 

I have a passion for Art that I need to feed daily. I work with Acrylics mostly and charcoal but
really I use a wide range of mediums depending on what I'm working on at the time, anything from poscas to aerosol to pen and ink.

My artworks seem to be emotionally driven,  I become obsessed with themes and mediums and will pursue them relentlessly in my artworks until I have exhausted them, then reinvent something new. A common theme in my works are classic feminine images, I'm exploring the idea of beauty and searching for it. I like to celebrate imperfections as the ultimate beauty too and paint on objects I find.
I'm inspired by the art of other artists the art in galleries and the art in the streets,  always something fresh to look at and I love seeing it!

Recently I have been doing artworks on skateboards,  this has something to do with putting fine art on a street object the juxtaposition of the two forms of art I love the most, I buy the boards non-varnished, just bear wood and love the grain it's just another canvas. The ones I have done so far are meant for the wall but I think I will make some to actually skate too.

I have shows coming up at Graffik Gallery London in April and a solo show in Melbourne at Punk Milk TV in May. Have a look at my link below for more...

More of Cherie's work and show dates... HERE


  1. I admire Cherie's artistic spirit and her drive to create! She's an inspiration!

  2. Well said Sylvia, she does great work!