Saturday, 23 March 2013

Off The Shelf

Art + Culture Magazine
April 2013

Hallelujah the April 2013 Issue has arrived...

With a white back ground cover Ralph Steadman portrays his 'Vintage Dr Gonzo' illustration for all to see... Ralph is a British cartoonist, print maker, sculptor and songwriter who is instantly recognised by his technique of splashing black ink around his work. Working for Surfing Magazine at Long Beach, CA in the early 1980's as a College intern set him on a fruitful path... more in the mag.

At a squint the inside looks like this:
Ben Fong- Torres= Former editor of Rolling Stone.
Kelsey Brooks= his past career as a microbiologist has influenced his work greatly.
Carlos Donjuan=Culture and Subculture with a splash of colour.
Nathaniel Russell= Cosmic mysteries and connections.
Jamie Brett Treadwell= Cat meet dog.
Erik Parker= Visual soundtrack and snapshots of past experiences.
Parra= A late bloomer now a leader.
Joram Roukes= " I think the paintings steer but not dictate."

 Here's one of our favourite snippets from Sieben on Life taken from April Issue:

"Booze - I'm guessing that most readers of Juxtapoz have attended an art opening at some point in their lives and enjoyed free booze that was mostly being served. Unfortunately the booze is only free for the attendants, the owners of the gallery have to buy that Hooch. 
I tried asking the guy at the beer store once, if I could have a bunch of free beer for an art show and he just looked at me like I was an asshole."

Time to go in...

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