Monday, 22 April 2013

Off The Shelf

Juxtapoz - New Contemporary
Publishers: Gingko Press

Think Juxtapoz Magazine, think contemporary art, think hard backed cover... know your gettin it!

Every now and then Juxtapoz comes out with a hard backed book featuring the freshest and the best of their monthly magazine but under specific titles. This one is entitled 'New Contemporary' not only displaying some ace graffiti, it also hits on various media methods to bring together some of the best images of modern art we have seen for a while. Plenty to look at with 239 pages of full colour and showing the talents of 29 artist with varying styles. Printed on great quality paper, making this a substantial beauty of a publication!

Bits from the book:
"There seems to be a growing interest in what was once thought of as the disregarded arts - arts that, until recently, have been considered commercially  tainted or non-academic. These endeavours include rock and roll, promotional posters, underground comic books, lurid pulp magazine illustrations, hot rod and motorcycle imagery, tattoo art, surfer and skateboard art, carnival graphics, (especially related to sideshows), pin up girly art, and of course public and graffiti, plus numerous other forms of idiosyncratic visual stimuli."

It's defiantly one to check out!
Lets go inside...

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