Sunday, 5 May 2013

Off The Shelf

Author: Ludovic Houplain
Publishers: Taschen

If you are into graphic design, a student needing a resource book, a graff artist wanting to reproduce a logo on the street or just keep it on the shelf for reference-this book could be one for you...

No limp wrists for this one - with a hulking 775 pages to keep your logo fix in check for a long time to come. A heapin helpin of 7000 brand images from 007, A&P to Zippo all the logo images are arranged alphabetically, with information on designers, brands, companies and years of registration.

We just can't believe the variation on offer, some legendary and not so well known designs jump off the pages to remember and inspire.

From the Book: 
"Logos are direct connections to corporate institutions but it isn't their aesthetic that makes them most identifiable, it's their level of exposure. A great logo which has poor exposure has little chance of attracting attention, unlike a third-rate logo that is seen all over the world."

Time to Browse...


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